• Canon EOS Rebel XTi or Canon EOS 30D?

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  by CSX-Dan5377
Just an idea for the future, but should I invest in a Canon EOS Rebel XTi or Canon EOS 30D?

Thanks In Advance,

  by MEC407
The XTi has more megapixels, but the 30D is faster, has more "pro" oriented features, and better build quality. For the most part, though, they're quite similar. You can't go wrong with either one. If you're not going to be doing sports journalism or anything like that, the XTi is probably more than adequate.

  by pgengler
Well, if you have to ask, you probably don't need any of the features that only one of the cameras has, and there are a lot of similarities between the two.

Really, it boils down to the feel of the camera. The XTi is smaller and more plastic-y than the 30D, which is heavier. You'll probably want to try holding both to see how they feel; I find the XTi is too small for me to comfortably hold, while the 30D feels just right. Also, check out the way you change settings (shutter speed, aperture, ISO, perhaps white balance (and any other things you might want to change, but those are the most common)) and evaluate that in the context of how you're going to use the camera. You might find you prefer one way of doing it to another (e.g., the XTi shows settings on the main LCD; the 30D has a rear control wheel for changing some settings) or that you can do it faster with one than with the other. If you expect that you'll be shooting in a situation where you'll need to quickly change settings (rapidly changing between different subjects, or in rapidly changing light like at sunset) put some real weight in the one that's faster for you.

Basically, they're both good cameras, and both will take good pictures. Try to find the one that's least frustrating to use, whether it be in size, interface, or features.

  by CSX-Dan5377
Hey, thanks guys!

I will look into both, as for the time being I might just buy the Canon EOS Rebel XTi and move up in class to an EOS 30D, but keep the opinion's coming :-D


  by MEC407
Do you already own Canon lenses? If not, you should also check out the digital SLRs from Nikon, Pentax, Sony, and Olympus. All of them are excellent. The Nikon D80 and the Pentax K10D are particularly well built, and have features as good as or better than the Canon 30D.

  by CSX-Dan5377
Will Do! I will be researching a while before I drop the money on an SLR.It's just I have been told by friends Canon SLR's are the way to go and the 30D and XTi have appealed to me greatly.


  by Orgnoi1
MEC407 wrote:The Nikon D80 and the Pentax K10D are particularly well built, and have features as good as or better than the Canon 30D.
In your humble opinion of course right?

  by Orgnoi1
To add on some more...

I shoot a few different camera brands and formats... most people here dont know me but I run a forum for the northeast for photography.

Currently I shoot Canon, Mamiya, and Toyo. I also have the opportunity to shoot Nikon since my significant other has (or had) Nikon N80, F100, D70, D100, and D200 models...

You are going to find that what people have is what they will recommend, and thats perfectly fine because most people wouldnt buy such a high dollar item without minimal research.

Personally if I had bought a D2H or D2X when I got back into digital shooting I would be a Nikon shooter... but in fact I have had for Canon, the XT, 20D, and now the 1D Mark II and 5D. Most cameras will do more than most shooters know what to do with, so basically any of the newest and greatest will suit your needs fine. More importantly than the camera will be your purchase of glass. Buying a cheap lens and an expensive body just doesnt make a ton of sense. Your pictures will only be as good as the glass you are shooting through.

As per your original post your choices are fine. The XTi (or XT) and the 30D (or 20D) are fine cameras and will suit your needs well. Between the two choices I would look into (myself in my opinion) the 30D or 20D used or new. My reasoning is simple, when you shoot with longer or heavier glass you will want a good balance with your gear. The XT and XTi are great little cameras, but if you end up with larger glass it feels unbalanced. Also unless you have fairly small hands the XT(i) is going to feel pretty small...even with the battery grip you can buy.

So my opinion on purchase would be for the 20D or 30D and kit lens... the kit lens is not a stellar lens by any means, but it will get you through till you decide on what focal length will properly suit your style of shooting.

I hope that helps ya out a little and dont hesitate to ask questions...

  by MEC407
Orgnoi1 wrote:In your humble opinion of course right?
Yes. The vast majority of what's posted here is opinion, is it not? :-) And when somebody asks a question like "Which camera should I buy?" they are knowingly asking for opinions. If he had asked, "Please give me the technical specifications for these two cameras so that I can compare them," that would have been a request for facts, not opinions. :wink:

  by nydepot
How about the 40D? Seriously great camera.


  by Conrail4evr
Most of it is preference...a lot of camera manufacturers build good quality DSLR's these days, some have better features than others, but in the long run, I don't think any one brand stands out above all others - it's mostly what you want in a camera, and how it feels overall to you. Personally, I'm a Canon guy, but I still think Nikon and whatnot are good quality cameras.

As for you, Dan, I wouldn't bother with a 30D. An XTi is already going to be overkill for you at this point, no point in wasting even more money on a better camera for that reason. Hell, I shoot with an XT, and have learned a lot and improved a lot since acquiring it, but it's still a lot more camera than I need. I do like the more solid construction of the 20D, yes, but I try to be careful with my camera, and I haven't had an issue thus far (accidents do happen, obviously...).

Just remember, 75% of your photos are about you, NOT the camera! I've seen guys who go out and buy a brand new 5D with thousands of dollars worth of L glass, then take lousier shots than a lot of people do with their camera phones. While the camera does help, by no means will it make you a great photographer...that's all up to you!

  by NCPhotographer
Asking for opinions about cameras will definitely get you lots of different opinions. It's like asking Ford or Chevy. I've been using an XT for a couple of years now, and I've learned a lot from it. There may be 2 more mp in the XTI, but unless you are doing realy large (like poster size prints ect) work there is little need for any more than 8 mp. It may be worth seeing if you even like the XT for a start and then when it's time to upgrade the 40d should be dropping in price. If I had to chose buying a better camera or better glass I would chose the glass more times than not. By going with a less expensive camera that leaves more money to throw at nice glass.