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  by Lawrence Crossing
I found this photo among my mother's papers and am curious as to the details. It's "Something" Island, but whether it's Rhode or Long or Nantucket, I can't tell, but suspect Long. If you can identify the station and the line, I'd appreciate it. Her father was an engineer on the PRR, but this looks unrelated.

  by Ocala Mike
It's definitely Long Island Rail Road, and the location is probably the Woodside station (main line) in Queens. The Roosevelt Avenue "el" is overhead, now the #7 Flushing line. Not 100% sure, but I believe that is a G5s or H10s locomotive, and the picture dates from a time when the PRR owned the LIRR.
  by Kilgore Trout
If we assume this is an LIRR location: there's catenary, but no third rail, which rules out Woodside. The only place I can think of that featured that and had regular visits from Long Island locomotives is the Bay Ridge branch, but I'm not sure why passenger cars would be there.

This could be a lot of locations on the PRR, however I don't know how frequently Long Island equipment made it to the other side of the Hudson to guess.
  by Lawrence Crossing
Thank you Mike and Trout. If the PRR owned the LIRR, that reintroduces a possible connection between the photo and my grandfather. The engineer's body type looks different than his, but who knows? I guess I never will. :(
  by Ocala Mike
The PRR owned the LiRR from 1900 to sometime in the mid 1960's. I "missed" the catenary (don't know how!), but I still think that the photo was taken in Queens. Could have been around Long Island City or Sunnyside Yard; catenary in place there. If it's the Bay Ridge branch (quite possible), it might have been a fan trip.
  by mainetrain
Looks like the Rockville Center area
  by Ocala Mike
Catenary at Rockville Centre?
  by Cannon Ball
Got to be a fan trip on the LI. #107 was an H-10s 2-8-0 freight locomotive, and here it is pulling "Ping-Pong" coaches, with nattily-dressed foamers wandering around glassy-eyed. Got to be a fan trip, probably on the Bay Ridge branch.
  by Doc Emmet Brown
Its a fan trip, it was 1955 or so.. not sure of the location, no third rail and there is catenary. I have seen other pictures of this trip. Its an an h10 locomotive tender says Long Island on it. Do not reckognize the Location. Has to be queens or Brooklyn because of the El above it, and the catenary.
  by jayrmli
I've seen this photo before in one of the LIRR Books, probably one written by Ron Ziel. The location is on the Bay Ridge Branch and the reason for the people in the photo is it was a fantrip.

  by REM3Night
LIRR H-10s were numbered 101-119. Looks like 107 with a string of LIRR coaches.
  by Lawrence Crossing
I wonder why my mother would have a print of this. Did the railroad make them available? It would be just another day at work for my grandfather.
  by Ocala Mike
Lawrence, maybe he was taking a "busman's holiday" that day and on a railfan trip on Long Island.
  by JimBoylan
I think that the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit's Canarsie El to Rockaway Pkwy. is to the right of the photo and the Interboro Rapid Transit's Livonia Ave. El to New Lots Ave. is over the train, with a pedestrian walkway underneath for a free transfer between the 2 lines' Junius St. and Livonia Ave. stations. If I'm right, the location is in the Borough of Brooklyn.