Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by SemperFidelis
Yeah, you can get on and off at all of the NY stops, as far as I recall.

PATH has always allowed riders to travel between its Manhattan stations between Christopher and 33rd Streets.
Going to and from the WTC is the interesting one - you have the options of transferring at Grove Street, Journal
Square, Pavonia-Newport or Hoboken to get to and from the Sixth Avenue route to Midtown.

One memory I have is the special service that was operated during the 1980 NYC Transit Strike which was WTC
to/from 33rd Street via Pavonia and Exchange Place in Jersey City. Even though it ran under the Hudson River
twice on this roundabout route it was very well patronized. Back then there was even a monetary savings - the
PATH fare was 30 cents and the NYC Transit fare 50 cents. Local Manhattan riders used the PATH to save on
the fare when it was less then the NYC Transit fare but today with both fares at $2.75 and since one does not
honor the Unlimited Metro or Smart Card of the other and with a NYCT transfer available for pay-per-ride users
of Metrocards on Manhattan Subway and bus routes use of the PATH for Manhattan trips has dropped off.