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San Francisco to San José - California High Speed Rail - with links to the other segments' pages.

That is indeed correct about the FEIR/EIS releases. All done for SF - SJ - Merced and Bakersfield - Palmdale - Burbank - LA .

They are still working on LA - Anaheim, however. From Los Angeles to Anaheim - California High Speed Rail
On May 16, 2024, the Authority’s Board of Directors was presented with the Staff Recommended Preferred Alternative, the Shared Passenger Track Alternative A, for the Los Angeles to Anaheim Project Section for identification in the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (DEIR/EIS).
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John_Perkowski wrote: Tue May 28, 2024 9:24 pm
Jeff Smith wrote: Fri May 17, 2024 1:52 pm https://www.latimes.com/california/stor ... im-segment
The California High Speed Rail Authority’s board of directors supported new recommendations for a planned rail segment between Los Angeles and Anaheim, clearing it for a critical environmental review after the initial proposal received pushback from the community.
Recommendations for the 33-mile rail segment from Los Angeles to Anaheim includes four mainline tracks that would be used by the bullet train, other passenger rail and BNSF freight trains. It eliminates the initial plan to develop a freight facility for BNSF, which owns the railroad stretch from Los Angeles to Anaheim, in the city of Colton that would have housed trains not in operation. The idea received pushback from the Colton community and from BNSF.
I grew up in LA. I took the Golden State Freeway more than once to Disneyland or Knotts. I’ve come in on the La-Fullerton route more than once.

The bloody route is good for more than 20MPH. Why don’t we let BNSF and this weeks owners of the ex Santa Fee figure out how to get an extra 15-20 mph out of the line and cut the transit time to near I-5 speeds?
Why spend billions in the valley, then skimp on the city, where viaducts etc probably have the most payback?
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David Benton wrote: Thu May 30, 2024 2:25 am Why spend billions in the valley, then skimp on the city, where viaducts etc probably have the most payback?
Because the State and the project continue to run out of money without a lot to show for it?
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NEWS RELEASE: California High-Speed Rail Authority Board Clears Final Environmental Milestone to Connect Downtown San Francisco to Downtown Los Angeles - California High Speed Rail - June 27, 2024 - 463 Miles Now Environmentally Cleared

That's the entire line between SF and LA.
All that remains to environmentally clear the full 494-mile Phase 1 system of the project is the Los Angeles to Anaheim segment, which the Authority expects to finalize next year.
NEWS RELEASE: California High-Speed Rail Authority Applies for $450 Million From Federal Government to Advance Construction Toward Merced and Invest in Workforce - California High Speed Rail - May 28, 2024 - including about 8 miles from Madera toward Merced

California high-speed track and overhead line design contract awarded - International Railway Journal

RFP begins for California high-speed train contract

California’s High-Speed Rail Project Sees New Funding, Bidders
Estimating that the remaining funding is $4 - $7 billion. The CHSRA has applied to the Biden Admin for an additional $4.7 billion in addition to the $3.1 billion it received late last year.
The authority does receive around $1 billion a year in funding from California’s cap-and-trade program in which companies buy offsets to compensate for greenhouse emissions higher than allowed by the state.

The program is scheduled to expire in 2030, but an extension could provide additional funds for the first phase of the service between Merced and Bakersfield, said Brian Annis, the authority’s chief finance officer.
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Union Station Modifications for HSR: https://www.yourcentralvalley.com/news/ ... resno/amp/
Union Station in L.A. getting ready for high-speed rail from Fresno

Union Station in Los Angeles is getting ready to receive passengers from Fresno and the wider Central Valley as part of a massive improvement project which will culminate in it becoming one of the primary transit centers for the California High-Speed Rail.

The project, known as Link Union Station, requires a 700-foot-long bridge to be constructed over Highway 101 for incoming and outgoing trains into Los Angeles Union Station. The undertaking was confirmed by environmental documents released by LA Metro last week.
Plans to upgrade Union Station will extend those platforms from their previous dead ends and connect them with the new bridge south of the station, creating eight new “run-through” tracks. That will enable trains to enter Union Station from either the north or the south, so trains can stop at a platform, allow riders to get on or off, and then continue moving forward in the same direction.
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The money question is real. The bridge construction is whatever, they already did it with the Gold Line (now called A line) and no one cared.
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This connection will be valuable not only for HSR but also for Amtrak and Metrolink service.
  • Through running: Pacific Surfliner
  • North: Coast Starlight, Texas Eagle, Sunset Limited
  • South: Southwest Chief
  • North: Ventura County, Antelope Valley, San Bernardino
  • South: Riverside, Perris Valley, Orange County
The seventh one, the IEOC line, does no go to LAUS. Notice that there are three northward and three southward lines at LAUS. That suggests that all six that go to LAUS can be turned into three through-running lines.
  by ExCon90
They already have --or have had -- a through run from Oceanside to Burbank (for Disney, Warner Bros., and NBC commuters) which will be spared the reversal in LAUS. (The return of the equipment to the yard, as well as the one from San B, which will still have ti reverse, is the only instance I know of of a deadhead move in the peak direction in rush hours.)
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