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  by RandallW
The metal mesh is because large glass panels lead to panicky injured birds; I can't tell if there are intentions to have those be open for cross breezes or be closed against rain. I've been in stations with glass shelters in Europe where they put stickers of bird silhouettes on the panels to ensure that live birds see the glass and don't hit it.

If the designers are being subtle, they want to provide respite but not shelter on the platforms.
  by lensovet
Why does it have to be glass? My house isn't a glass box. And I'm not seeing any glass in those renderings.

And you won't be getting much respite from pouring rains at these stations.
  by RandallW
Glass provides visibility, which is desirable in public safety, but not necessarily in private. Shelter in rain would encourage vagrancy, which given how shitty public health services are the USA, can only be discouraged by public space owners through design, and I'm sure the authority does not want these stations to become homeless shelters.
  by Jeff Smith
https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/sanfrancisc ... r-viaduct/
California High-Speed Rail Authority heralds competition of massive Cedar Viaduct

FRESNO -- After years of artist renderings, the California High-Speed Rail Authority finally has a concrete symbol of the work being done building the line through the Central Valley.

It's called the Cedar Viaduct and the 3,700-foot viaduct will take trains travelling at 200-plus mph over State Route 99, Cedar and North avenues in Fresno.

"At almost three-quarters of a mile long, the Cedar Viaduct is one of our largest and most visible structures across the alignment and one of the significant achievements to date on the program," said Central Valley Regional Director Garth Fernandez.
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