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  by TerryC
If there is black anti skid material on the top of a locomotive's nose, does it bother the engineer's eyes after a while? Does putting the bell on the cab like in this picture http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=69490 make the cab noisy when the bell is activated? Is there any way to decrease the noise the bell produces if it is too loud?
Ps. Why does British Columbia Rail Dash 9-44CW have 4 ditch lights?

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  by fglk
the skid material would be a flat black color which would prevent the refelction of sun lit from shineing into the eyes of the train staff. You will also see this on some semi trucks as well. There is a little noise from the bell on some locos depends on how well the cab in insulated I guess. The 4 ditch lites are this: 2 head lites, 2 warning lites, and 2 angled ditch lites the one on the left is angled to shoot to the right and the 2ed ditch lite to shoot to the left. The nose lites are better for travel in the winter there closer the the ground than a normal lite that would be cab mounted. Its at this there easer to clean off in the winter in a snow storm than it is to clime up on the nose and do the same thing.