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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in the American Midwest, including Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Kansas. For questions specific to a railroad company, please seek the appropriate forum.

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  by okeana
Any CC&L fans?
Looking for photos. :roll:

  by MR77100
I segment from North Judson to Malden is up for abandonment by CSX, and efforts are underway by the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum to save it. They also are working on getting the Pere Marquette line from La Crosse to Wellsboro so they can maintain a connection with the outside world. I think they will be running excursions to Malden and store equipment in North Judson.

The Amboy-Sweetser segment is owned by Kokomo Grain and is operated by I&O. The segment from Richmond into Ohio is still there, but I am not sure how often it is used. The tracks by the depot were severed and the line was rusty.
  by joninindiana
There is a large scrap metal recycler in south Richmond that uses CSX. The line is no longer used north of G street. From G Street north,the railroad used to traverse a long trestle at the top of the Whitewater Gorge, crossing over Main St., and ending up at the C&O depot. North of the depot, the line is now part of the Cardinal Greenway bicycle trail.

I understand that CSX takes traffic from Richmond and switches to the B&O at College Corner. South of College Corner are one or two small customers, but the line no longer connects to Cincinnati as the trestle at Cheviot was removed years ago.

  by MR77100
I'm still trying to find out when the C&O was abandoned west of Malden, IN. When was the Amtrak train rerouted via LaCrosse? When did local service totally cease? When were tracks physically ripped up?

  by Throttle_JCKY
78' I think. Remember that one of the reasons the C&O rerouted via the PM was to avoid the decrepid EL joint track, then finally the EL Estate.
Amtrak ran via the PM shortly before abandonment IIRC.

  by storrs19
Amtrak ran on the Erie between State Line Tower & Griffith from 08/04/1974 to 05/31/1977. On 06/01/1977 they switched to the B&O-PM-C&O routing that was used to bypass the Erie for the reasons that Throttle Jockey mentioned and the fact that Amtrak didn't have the funds to maintain the erie track since they were the only tenant. Amtrak stayed on the mostly C&O of Indiana routing until 04/26/1986 after which they moved to the Monon-P&E-B&O route that is used today. I have a set of papers given to me by a former dispatcher that consolidates the Chicago-Cincinnati-Washington-New York route of the James Whitcomb Riley (later Cardnial) from 05/01/1971 through 06/01/1999.


  by MR77100
Thanks for the info guys. Did Amtrak make any stops between Griffith and LaCrosse?

  by storrs19
The only times shown in the Chessie System Western Region ETT #2 from 02/15/1977 are flag stops for: Peru, Marion, Muncie, Richmond. I have several pictures taken from the rear car of #51 from September 1974 between Cottage grove & Pullman Junction and from what I can tell, there were not many people at the station in Richmond or Peru. As with the B&O's main line across southern Indiana, the C&O of Indiana didn't pass through any large metropolitan areas in the state.


  by Hoosierailnut
Anyone know when the C&O was torn out in and around Peru?
I was donw there yesterday and noticed the new construction on the site of the old yards. Theres a new park and several small buinesses on the old yard site.
I was down there in 1992 and even then the old C&O was gone by then wiht only a few poles and the right of way visible.
I didnt get a chance to see if the old shops foundation were still in place but i did see what looked to be some sort of guard shack on the west side of the old yard site.

Also when did the old IMC get removed?

I noticed on a map there was some sort of loop track on the north side of Peru in the Oakdale area.
Was this like a belt line or was it used as a interchange track for the old NKP and the Wabash as it connects the two lines?

  by storrs19
The C&O of Indiana was abanonded piecemeal, now if I can just find the dates I have written down. The ones with (?) I'm not 100% sure of, but they are pretty close.
Griffith - Malden = July 1977 (at this time Malden - LaCrosse became an industrial spur as all through trains were routed up the PM to Wellsboro and on to the B&O to Chicago)
Malden - North Judson = Still in service (just sold to Hoosier Valley RR)
North Judson - Santa Fe = Late 1989 ?
Santa Fe - Richmond = Early 1991 ?
Richmond - Fernald = Still in service
Fernald - Cincinnati = June & July 1978

  by MR77100
I remember reading on an Indiana Rail Abandonment notice that the C&O west of Malden to Griffith was abadoned in 1981 and torn up in 1984. As for the middle part of the line, the North Judson-Twelve Mile segment was the first to go, being filed for abandonment in December, 1987, and probably being removed in 1988. There was talk of Tippecanoe Railroad operating it to Peru, but that fell through. The segment bewteen Marion and Richmond was abandoned in 1992, since there were only 3 shippers on it. When was that bike path installed in Richmond?

  by Throttle_JCKY
The line from Santa Fe to Richmond was applied for in 90-91. Petition for operation was filed for by Kokomo Grain, saving the line from Phoenix to Amboy. The remainder would be abandoned.
Rail removal started in the fall of 1992, the rail was picked up from Santa Fe to Amboy, then the rail train was moved to Marion, just east of Phoenix siding, the rail was removed from there to Richmond. By winter time, the rail was removed to just short of Fowlerton. Winter weather and cold temps delayed removal for a short time, but the line was pulled up to Muncie by early spring. In late March, they were past Losantville and reached Richmond by mid May. The final rail train pulled out at the end of May.

The sub contractor took there time removing the ties and old siding track, but by 1996 the only sign of the railroad was the signs and poleline.

The line from Gaston to Jonesboro was returned to the farmers, making it the only segment not to get the trail.
Currently the "Cardinal Greenway" owns the right of way for the remainder of the line.
3 segments have already been opened, from Marion (east of Phoenix siding) at Miller Ave. to Jonesboro.
Gaston to South Prarie trail head (just shy of the old Henry passing track, on the south edge of the Resivior)
Richmond Gorge trail head, only uses a small segment.

The trail from Richmond to South Prarie trailhead isn't in yet. I haven't heard a time frame on this segment yet either.

The group also restored the old C&O depot at Muncie. It is the office for the Cardinal Greenway, but also hosts a giftshop and shows what the depot use to be. It has been beautifully restored and it a cornerstone of the trail. I am not sure what the status of the depot in Richmond is, but its just a reverse design of Muncie.
The depot in Marion was demolished by CSX or Chessie (I think Chessie).

  by MR77100
What were the numbers of the freight trains that ran on the line when CSXT abandoned it in 1987? I know Amtrak left in April, 1986, and there was a trailer train running on it at that time.

  by edkyle99
I have some notes that say the C&O of Indiana hosted two symbol
freights each way daily (four total) until it was downgraded in August

Trains 300/301 (old C&O 90/91 - Odd Nos. EB) were what remained
of the famed Chicago-Newport News hotshots (EXPD "Expediter"
eastbound, FFVA "Fast Flying Virginian"? westbound) of old. These
trains (or at least their traffic) were rerouted via Fostoria and Columbus.

Trains 508/509 (C&O 92/93), Chicago-Cincinnatti merchandise
trains (REBF eastbound, WIND "Windy City" westbound), were
rerouted via Deshler, Ohio.

Chessie abandoned Cheviot Hill in favor of the B&O in 1978, but the
real decline began when Conrail abandoned the Erie main, depriving
the C&O of Indiana of a straight run into Chicago west of LaCrosse.

I grew up near Converse, Indiana, where the C&O of Indiana and
Pennsy's Panhandle crossed. There were probably 20+ trains per
day through there before Penn Central (both lines combined)
reared its ugly head. There were still a dozen or so trains daily
during the early 1970s. Converse doesn't see that many trains in
a week now.

- Ed Kyle