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  by denis
:) Hello,
I have recently acquired a Pemco 4-8-2, which I believe was the molding used by IHC for their two Mountain runs. Mine is tender powered. My question is; what is the difference between J-1 & J-2? This loco arrived with a bogus 4900 series number, and I will renumber appropriate for the series that this model matches most closely.
  by Rick F.
There are several differences between the J-1 and the J-2. The J-1 had 63" drivers instead the 69" drivers on the J-2. The J-1 had its main rod connected to the third set of drivers. The J-2 had it connected to the second set. The J-1 had an inboard bearing trailing truck. The J-2 had the Cole design outboard bearing trailing truck. J-1's had smaller tenders. The J-1's were pre-USRA engines built in 1911?
  by denis
I had decided that this was a J-2, and have numbered it 546.
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  by COEN77
I though ya'll would be discussing the C&O. Anyways I've had the good fortune to run the old C&O North Mountian Sub in Virginia, of course CSX has now leased it to a shortline the Buckinghan Branch. What a beautiful run starting in Charlottesville to Clifton Forge. The views of the Shenendoah Valley from Afton Mt was spectacular. I remember heading up Afton on a cold rainy night got to the top headed in to the eastside of Blueridge Tunnel coming out the westside and it was snowing with a foot of snow on the ground. The views off North Mt was just as great with a 7 mile decent in to Craigville, Va. Then through Goshin and Panthers Gap. Another fond memory was going through Millboro, Va there are two tunnels in both there is a holler it was snowing with about a foot on the ground, as I proceeded out of the first tunnel lo' n behold there was around 25-30 deers playing and just as I went in tothe second tunnel there were two a buck and doe looking down at us from the top. In 3-4 years I'll go back to the mounttians and spend my last couple of years running that territory seeing CSX still runs empty coal hoppers on the N.Mountian Sub.