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  by shlustig
In the 1950's, PRR operated commuter service Pittsburgh / Burgettstown - Center St. on the Panhandle towards Steubenville, Ohio.

Center St. does not have a mileage indicator on the timetables in the Official Guides, but the station index shows 2 stations in Burgettstown.

? is why there were 2 stations there?
  by westernfalls
The commuter trains went to Center Avenue station, down a branch, while the main line station, according to an Official Guide, was 700 feet away.
Below is a scan from the PRR CT-1000 of 1945.
Here's a link to a track chart of the Burgetts Branch.
And another link with location coordinates and a modern day picture.
The main line appears to be a newer alignment; further research necessary.
  by shlustig
western falls,
Thanks for the information.