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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by nydepot
Buffalo Crushed Stone started on North Main St in Buffalo in 1904. In 1933, they closed the North Main St location and moved to the present Willaimsville/Bowmansville location north of the Thruway. They took their trains with them. I can find references to the original location but nothing denoting an address or specific location. Does anyone know where the original quarry was on North Main St? Thanks.
  by SST
I have no idea if this is what you're looking for. Its just a guess.

Years ago, while riding my bike, I ended up on E. Amherst St [Frankly I don't know why I'm still alive]. Just to the east side of the DL&W, there is what appeared to be a quarry. I thought it was unusual in the middle of a neighborhood. Looked it over and kept going. I actually haven't even thought about it until you just posted this.

Might this be what you're looking for? E. Amherst St at DL&W.

42.940865507569214, -78.82366874361198
  by TrainDetainer
Looks like it was a big operation. Direct comparison with 1927 aerials. The water filled pit there now on Amherst wasn't even there back then.
  by nydepot
OK, that helped. I've noted the two companies on the map from above.

Buffalo Cement went out in 1/1928 due to a fire in late 1927.
Buffalo Crushed Stone operated until 1933.

BC was an Erie (east side of property) and trolley (west side via Main St) customer.
BCS was a DL&W customer.

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  by DGC-24711
The "North Main St Buffalo" thing threw me because in my lifetime I've never seen the word "North" attached to Main St, so it must be from the turn of the 20th century.

But I too have biked past that fenced off body of water signed "Amherst St Quarry". Just happened to bicycle south to William Gaither Parkway too where that former ROW ran along the road or the road was paved onto the former ROW. More industry like the American Axle plant was down there. Oh how much that area must've been buzzing with activity even 60 years ago.
  by nydepot
The quarry property (budy of water) was land owned by Buffalo Cement (their ownership crossed the Erie/DL&W tracks) but it appears that the hole was dug by successor land owners. BCS, as shown above, only had that small chunk of land.