• Buffalo-Ayer transit time

  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by markhb
I usually hang around the Pan Am and Amtrak forums, but now I have a NS question and hope you folks have some idea. I have an auto on order that was built up in Ontario, and the dealer said on Monday that it was in Buffalo; my assumption is that it will ultimately be unloaded in Ayer, Mass. I found a schedule on NS's site that seemed to imply that service would go Buffalo-Chicago, then Chicago-Ayer, and if it left Buffalo Monday night it should arrive in Ayer on Saturday if it gets in and out of the yard in Chicago the same day (I have no idea how likely that is). Does that sound about right, or are auto shipments handled differently? Does anyone have any idea how long it takes for a car to get in and out of Chicago? Why am I so anxious to start paying on a new car loan?

TIA for any help or advice you can give me!
  by johnpbarlow
Very interesting question! Don't know that I can offer much help here but the train that delivers autos to Ayer, as you likely know, is 28N that originates at Fostoria, OH, where there is a Ford mixing center. If your car is a Ford, I would think that an autorack loaded with Fords received at Buffalo interchange from Ontario would head for the nearest mixing center at Fostoria and not go all the way to Chicago. Having said that there is also a Ford mixing center at Chicago (as well as at Kansas City and Shelbyville, Ky). I'm very interested to hear what the answer to this provocative question is...
  by markhb
It's not a Ford, I'm afraid... It's a Chrysler from Brampton. ūüėä Thanks for the info!
  by lakeshoredave
This is a fascinating question. You have to wonder how much money NS is going to spend on helping the Guilford or whatever its called to get these trains there in a quicker amount of time?
  by markhb
Just to close the loop on this, the car was delivered to my dealer in southern Maine last Monday night, so the Saturday delivery time is eminently plausible. It's now in my driveway :)