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  by tj48
What was the ultimate fate of these units?

  by DutchRailnut
Notinmyneighborhood wrote:Another GT 1
That is not a GT-1 its a Garrett M1.
The GT-1 is a single car pioneer passenger car.

  by jhdeasy
Here is a question related to the turbine trains on LIRR.

I remember hearing an announcer on a New York City AM or FM radio station (a morning program) in the mid 1970s who was a railroad enthusiast and talked about the subways, commuter lines and Amtrak (to include fantrips). That was how I learned about the demonstration of turbine trains on LIRR. What was the guy's name?
  by EMD567C
I remember riding a set of cars on Metro North Harlem Division in the early '80's on an almost daily basis that were different than what has been described here - Does anyone know anything about them? They looked like M1A's. but were obviously turbine cars that were only running on third rail power. They did not have the high intake vents near the roof. Instead, their turbine intakes were directly behind the motormans cab on the right side of each unit. Outside, the air intake grills were large; even larger than the space of the 4 pane window that's usually there, with a large round "Pratt and Whitney Dependable Engines" logo decal next to the grill. Inside, four rows of single seats were lost just behind the motormans cab. In their place was a large woodgrain panel enclosing the ductwork matching the woodgrain panels of the passenger doorway area. I don't remember the actual unit numbers, but I believe they were in the 4000's. Does anyone know anything about these?
  by de402
What's with the NYCTA R-40 BMT J train?

That's made by St. Louis Car -- not Budd...
  by ex Budd man
While the car bodies may have been built at Red Lion, the turbines were not installed there. I worked at Red Lion from May of 75 to May of 85 and the only turbine car there was the one built in 1966 and that was a gutted hulk.
  by drumz0rz
Anyone know any more about this photo? Who took it and the date? All I know is that it was taken on the Kings Park Psychiatric Center Spur.
  by RPM2Night
Did these have a trap door and steps for low level platform access, or is that whole structure under the door to protect crews from the equipent under the car?
  by RRChef
Yes, the turbines were equipped with trap doors for low level platforms. The idea was they would run from diesel territory to Penn. I remember seeing one of the sets everyday in the summer around 1975-76 when I would ride my bike to summer school at NHP Memorial HS. Never had a camera with me, only books :o(
  by No Rule G For Me
Worked them just once on a round trip to oyster bay.
Man were they loud! The engines sounded just like a jet engine.
I seem to remember the NYC Fire Marshal saying they would not be allowed in the east river tunnel loaded with aviation fuel, they were a disaster waiting to happen.
Tool might remember more..we are talking almost 35 years ago...
  by Lirr168
Any chance at getting a higher-res copy of that photo? It is the best one I have ever seen of these cars!
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