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  by twropr
Throughout the 1960's, the General (#49) left NY at 5:05 pm with a much larger consist than BROADWAY LIMITED #29, which left NY at 6 pm. At Harrisburg, #49 had an 18 min stop to add Washington cars and departed at 8:36 pm while #29 just changed power and left at 9:16 pm. Am sure that #49 occasionally incurred delays west of Harrisburg or Pittsburgh that would likely result in #29 overtaking #49. Does anyone recall any such instances - particularly west of PGH on directional double track? Am curious as to whether they were generally running overtakes, or holding #49 in a large station like PGH for #29 to leave first.
BTW there may have been a similar situation with MANHATTAN LIMITED #23, which ran on a much slower schedule and arrived Chicago less than an hour before #49.