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  • This is a forum for all operations, both current and planned, of Brightline, formerly All Aboard Florida and Virgin Trains USA:
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This is a forum for all operations, both current and planned, of Brightline, formerly All Aboard Florida and Virgin Trains USA:
Websites: Current Brightline
Virgin USA
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  by Gilbert B Norman
From Marriott Biscayne Bay Miami (for Breakfast; my "Miami Girl Friend" works here)--

While my music is "not exactly rock", I could not help but notice at both Miami Central and at West Palm, this song was playing in the background:


Even though, I believe Brightline will end up in the public sector (and maybe with smart heads who will not dilute the impeccable customer service I found), maybe its time for skeptics like me to "Don't Stop Believing".
  by Gilbert B Norman
From Hilton Suites Boca Raton---

Another joyride today to Miami; this in Smart (Coach).

Southward "on the 1007A", return "on the 245P" (I sure wish they'd share with the public the actual train number). But then I suppose, even if not me, the public thinks in terms of "I'm taking the 1007".

"The 1007" was a good 65% full. These two new stops are definitely pulling their weight. "The 245" was doing even better 75% full.

The Disneyland Joyride era is over, and they no longer give it away. My fare and $7 parking was $66, but to S. Florida "what's money"? Now that they are providing everyday transportation, it is pleasing to note the strong public acceptance Brightline appears to enjoy.
  by Jeff Smith
Pleased to hear Mssr. Norman. I can’t wait to see ridership once Orlando opens late Spring. I expect service frequencies and scheduling will have to be adjusted. One wonders if Brightline’s economic performance will surpass your expectations, or if subsidies will be needed.
  by FatNoah
I can’t wait to see ridership once Orlando opens late Spring
I think many, many people are curious to see what this ridership will be. I have family in the Orlando area that I routinely visit, but have never been to Miami. I could see myself checking out Miami beach for a couple days, but not enough to make a special trip from the northeast or to tack on a rental car plus 8 hours of driving once I'm in FL. A reasonably fast and convenient train changes that equation.
  by Gilbert B Norman
From Hilton Suites Boca Raton--

It seems, Mr. Noah, that Brightline has been very "ziplocked" (thank you Gordon Gekko, for putting that term in my lexicon) about "numbers" since resuming post-COVID.

Pre-COVID, they were quite open that they were simply not "making numbers". But, after my observations yesterday, and how surprisingly strong the boardings in Boca appeared to be, they just might.

Now will they make them enough to service the debt with it's 8% coupon rate of interest and remain within the private sector? That's the big question, but, while a review of my postings to this and related topics, might suggest my name is "Dioginees" I am sincerely delighted to see Brightline has the makings of a going concern.
  by west point
Lost track of how many 4 car train sets Brightline has? 3 hours end to end . 1 hour intervals 45minutes to clean at termination. 15 minutes to load. That means 8 train sets to meet high demand service.
  by Gilbert B Norman
From Hilton Suites Boca Raton--

"The 1007" I rode Wednesday had a set that I think was Bright Yellow that was shrink wrapped with a promotion for The Palm Beaches. The windows were "not all that" obstructed.

Many a shrink wrapped Rail Jet and ICE overseas.
  by Gilbert B Norman
From Hilton Suites Boca Raton--

Booked another Brightline junket to West Palm for today. Northward on "the 1038" return on "the 243".

Sure would be nice if they would share train numbers. I think they presume that 95% of their passengers have been on an airplane and that 60% have been overseas. Train numbers are reported over there as are flight numbers worldwide.
  by andegold
Mr Norman, sorry I missed you at the free happy hour in the lobby! If I had known I would have surely joined you, possibly with my father, for that first joyride! Glad to hear that you, one of the greatest of cynics, are beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, they may make a go of things yet.
  by Gilbert B Norman
From Hyatt Regency Villa Christina Brookhaven GA (Atlanta Perimeter)--

I was astounded at the business originated at Boca for "the 1038" to West Palm. Otherwise smack on time.

Well, I guess I just went to West Palm to have Lunch. The place is sure different than when I first went to Florida during '56. At that time, West Palm was "where The Help lived"

Not so anymore.

For the return on "the 243", I upgraded to Premium, simply because I wanted the Premium Lounge to sit in waiting and I was tired. Had a comp wine in the Lounge, but since I had to drive back to the hotel, I did without on board settling for a Pepsi and some M&M's.

So, even if Brightline's continuation in the private sector is questionablet's , it's a commercial success and is here to stay. I know I was very cynical about it, as I thought it was a ploy to "fatten the steer" for a sale of the FEC to the State.

So next year when I "come on down" (I have, save '21 - golly why!!! - every year since '80), maybe there will be a "McCoy joyride" in the cards.
  by Gilbert B Norman
From home, as I look back on the two Brightline journeys I took last week, Brightline provides transportation, and after a joyride, not much there for the railfan (don't even think of walking up towards the engine; you'll be turned away by station staff) or even the non-fan who simply enjoys the experience of a train ride.

They are providing what Richard.Anderson, while Amtrak CEO wanted to do - provide transportation. Their days of promoting joyrides with $10 fares are over. In fact, the $52 RT Boca-Miami fare (35 miles) is approaching Amtrak Corridor levels.

But it's darned comfortable and efficient transportation- just as if one is riding the rails overseas.
  by Jeff Smith
https://www.local10.com/news/florida/20 ... ndo-route/

Testing begins or has begun:
Brightline continues high-speed tests for Miami to Orlando route

New Brightline trains will be on the track for testing in preparation for service between South and Central Florida.

According to a release, testing for the trains will begin on Wednesday between Orlando International Airport and Cocoa.

The trains will be running at a maximum speed of 125 miles-per-hour along the 35-mile route which runs parallel to the Beachline Expressway in Orange and Brevard Counties.

The testing will take place between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. daily and testing will continue throughout the spring.
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