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All about locomotive rebuilders, small locomotive works, and experimental works

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  by wess
Was wanting to know if this company is still in business. Are the still making those hybrid EMD's for smaller operators?

  by thirdrail
It's called Motive Power Industries now, and merged with Wabco, better known as Westinghouse Air Brake.

  by wess
Anyone have a contact if you want to hire on there? It seems that page is a little vague about that

  by tominboise
What sort of position were you interested in?

  by speccast68
What kind of positions are they hiring for?? I see the local paper only lists them looking for welders. I might be interested in a position, I have a good mechanical backround and some welding experience (no formal training though). What is the new hire starting rate like?? Thanks for any info you may have. Dan
  by diesel100
to the people wanting to work at boise locomotive. I wouldn't! I worked there for a year and a half. I received excellent reviews was told by all my mangers i was doing a great job. one company meeting ( that was held in november) they told us that we had work from december to july ! ( which means there were going to be no seasonal layoffs. The next day we had another company meeting and were they were laying off a 100 people that day . and ended up laying off 50 people a week for the next four weeks. They also never told the state of idaho that they were doing a mass lay off. So it was harder to find a new job since all new employers thought you would go back once you were recalled. They did the layoffs by the amount of time you worked there not by merit. i am sorry if this letter makes me me sound bitter. I just wanted to give you some company info.

  by pablo
Respectfully, it seems a lot of what happened to you is common in industries like this one. Did you work at a railroad job before?

Dave Becker

  by pugsley720
Indeed, what Pablo said is true. Having worked for another company under the same parent corporation as Boise Locomotive, I will tell you that the job and industry is very cyclical, and until you have some significant seniority built up, you will be laid off as much as you are working. In our shop it took seven to ten years of seniority to build up enough time to be reasonably secure from seasonal and cyclical layoffs.