• BNSF only has 20 openings. Wow!

  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by abc8251
This current hiring freeze is the worst I've seen. CN, UP, and CP have nothing. CSX and NS have a few openings, but even they are hesitant to hire. Amtrak has a few spots, but they are very hard to get into. The regional railroad I interviewed with called me today. They told me they've put all train crew hiring on hold for an indefinite amount of time. Got excited when they called :( I think it's highly unethical for these "railroad academies" to hold classes and take your money in an economy like this. They say most students are recruited before graduating. That might be true in a good economy. "Oh, the railroads will call you right after you complete our program". What b.s. The only people who've been calling me are bill collectors and crazy family. You will graduate in worse financial shape than before (I am one of them), with little to no job prospects. It's quite frightening. Most short lines now want experienced railroaders. I simply can't compete with furloughed employees who have many years of experience. The school will never tell you that. This training is so specialized too. You can't apply it to any other field besides train service. What other fields do you couple and uncouple cars and tie hand brakes?? Yeah, those air tests will really be useful for an office job :P I'm considering volunteering at my local scenic railroad as a Conductor, so what I've learned isn't completely wasted. I might even be able to get some contacts. Fill a resume gap. I shouldn't HAVE to volunteer after spending 8 grand, not to mention my time and energy! Get a retail job or something to get some income (can barely afford the vending machine lol). Not what I envisioned for myself at all, but I need to eat. Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? I am very angry. Feel like I was taken advantage of and lied to. There was no placement. My instructor connected me with one railroad during the program, and they're not even freakin hiring! Sorry for the rant. Stay as far away from these schools as possible. They mislead you and give you false hopes. They will take your money, and leave you stranded in the middle of the sea.

P.S. Do any of you know of any railroads that are hiring Conductors? Regionals, tiny short lines? The Alaska Railroad? I'm willing to work anywhere. I'm running out of railroads to apply to. Thanks.
  by Jim1348
What state are you located in and what school did you attend? Do you have any idea what caused the change? It seemed like all of them were hiring around Minnesota not that long ago.
  by abc8251
Jim1348 wrote:What state are you located in and what school did you attend? Do you have any idea what caused the change? It seemed like all of them were hiring around Minnesota not that long ago.
I'm in Ohio right now. I'm originally from New Jersey. I attended Modoc Railroad Academy. Sold a bunch of lies. I'm learning it has a bad reputation with a lot of railroads. There are involved in a lot of lawsuits with railroads. I may have to leave it off my applications. I'm not really sure what's happening. Just a month ago there were many more openings.
  by qboy
Well in hindsight it would have been wise to do a little research on these Railroad Academy's. This forum along with several others on the internet would have giving a lot of info on the various schools. Some have had success others ended up in the same boat you find yourself in. If you were to end up with a job then I guess you could say its worth it, but really hard say. I don't know your age or how long you have been pursuing this for a career. Your trying to get on when things in some places are down or stagnate, or the railroad doesn't see the growth in carloads to satisfy the need to hire more people. But you just have to keep moving forward the best way you can. You need a plan B, and maybe plan C, and D till employment opportunities become more favorable. Some individuals come in on their first try and their off to ride the rails. Others I've heard of taking numerous times over several years applying left and right with every railroad with no luck till finally they get through after so many denied applications. Hell where work now there are 2 new classes of conductors right now and I don't know where they will end up since they've been cutting the boards. While you think this is the worst you've seen its nothing like 2008-2009 was lot worse for many new hires being there hadn't been any furloughs in almost 30 plus yrs in my service unit. All I can say is good luck and find yourself job in the mean time, and keep applying.
  by 48merc
That is the viscous cycle of the railroad it seems. Hire, hire, hire when business is good then cut it all back down to save money. Business is steady lately but they aren't seeing the large profits this year even though there is still a profit, so much like where I work they are streamlining and trying to get rid of what isn't needed.
Sounds like you may be better off with a shortline instead of a class 1 at the moment, might not be as much pay or the big glamourous name attached to it but its a job in the field you persued. Here is a few sites to check out that may have stuff in your area.
Also keep in mind where these railcars go, they go to industries and a lot of them have their own switching and motors they use so getting in with one of them to get any kind of hands on experience could be helpful.

And if you just want to get on to a railroad type of work and don't mind traveling there are plenty of contractor companies that do maintenance of way, ballast trains, rail grinding, track inspection etc.

Gennessee and Wyoming
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RJ Corman
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Progress Rail
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Georgetown Rail
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  by freightguy
I don't know much about those railroad "mill" schools, but I agree with a lot of posters most lines would like to show you their in house methods. I think CP Rail was connected with one of them and I guess that Johnson Community College in Kansas is attached to BNSF.

The commuter lines in the Northeast pay well. If you apply to MTA Metro North or the Long Island Rail Road they basically send you to school starting at around 30 dollars an hour and with the current contract top out over 42.00 an hour.(7 year progression without prior RR experience)This is all public information so I don't mind to post salaries and wage rates.

With those schools I guess you could say by certificate you're a railroader, but logging in even 6 months or so with any company and I bet you would be looked at in whole different light.