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  • General discussion about fallen trolley and interurban lines in North America, past and present.
General discussion about fallen trolley and interurban lines in North America, past and present.

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  by OHanrahan
Why did the street trolley travel under the B&M line so far off of Concord Rd? Also, it's currently filled with water. Was water intentionally routed that way using the old trolley ROW. One more question. Is the ROW on either end where it went back onto Concord Rd. still visible?
  by russp
I assume your question relates to the Lexington & Boston St. Ry. line between Bedford and Billerica and the PRW segment just north of South Cemetery. A look at the Billerica Quad topo map can answer 2 of your questions. The PRW is in an area of swamps, lakes and creeks indicating a high groundwater table, so the water accumulation you saw is probably due to natural seepage and precipitation over the years. The map also suggests that yes, a careful search may reveal the PRW coming off/on to Concord St., altho it may be covered by brush or someones front yard. My 1900 L&B track map shows the PRW jog off Concord St. but gives no hint as to why the trackage made the jog. The jog probably had something to do with property acquistion issues. It was one of a few PRW segments on the L&B.

  by Leo Sullivan
The only reason for an underpass would be the railroads refusal of a grade crossing.
Possibly, if they had built an overbridge or underpass, nearer the road, the town would have made them include the road in the project (the B&W had to do this, more than once). Much more expensive and, M&B never seems to have had much money. That would explain everything, even the L&B spending scarce money on buying land.
  by mb41
There was another on Bedford street by the old car house in Lexington. This one got filled in when they made the bike path. There is a trolley granite marker marking the area of the B&M/M&B(L&B) underpass in Bilklerica now.

For those who like to learn more about the Middlesex & Boston there is a video at the Seashore Trolley Museum, www.trolleymuseum.org

Also a 38 page photo/history booklet at the store on the M & B, only $ 10.95

These two items help beefit the future restoration of the Lexington & Boston/M & B car # 41

  by aline1969
This area is torn up a bit more since they have re-paved the road and replaced pipes, but I think one end will remain intact I hope where it comes back to Concord rd. The road marker survives also that says "trolley"