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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by jayrmli
How often does NS use the Ben's Creek Secondary in Portage?


  by HBTM M-39
Appears to be a couple of times per week now that Amfire has cranked up production. I can't get my arms around an exact schedule, though.


  by jayrmli
Thanks for the reply. I was in the area earlier in October and didn't see any action. Was just curious if there was a schedule they're on.

  by dwil89
Frequency varies on this line. Loadings were supposed to have ramped up from a couple a month to a few a week. Does not appear that this has fully taken place. I have heard the 650 symbol used on trains working the Bens Creek Line. If you are looking for other Secondaries to fan in the area, try the South Fork Secondary...If you hear a Form D on your scanner on 160.800 from Fork to Cairn,or Nag there will be an empty running down, and hopefully a loaded back up that same day. Pick up Rte 869 on the far end of South Fork,near the 219 interchange (Sidman exit) and take it through St Michael and Beaverdale to 160, make a right onto 160 South and this will take you through Windber, and eventually to Central City, where a loadout exists. Several Grade Crossing shooting opportunities exist between Sidman and Central City. There is also a loadout above Central City called Huskins, where trains load, but this is not accessable by car. Cresson has the Irvona Secondary, which you can chase North on 53 past Ashville, and the Cresson Secondary, which leads up to Cherry Tree and Clearfield. You can also chase SD40-2 powered NS Strawberry Ridge Trains up the Nittany and Bald Eagle line which meets the NS main at Tyrone....follow old 220 North to chase a Strawberry Ridge train North. Dave Williams http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nsaltoonajohnstown