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  by sandpvrr
Hello All,
There have been some developments in the Waldo county railroad scene
The Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad's assets are owned by the Unity
Foundation. The Unity Foundation is not announcing its plans for the
railroads assets. As a concerned railfan, I am calling upon my fellow
railfans to ask the Unity Foundation what they intend to do with the
railroad's assets. The Assets in question include all railroad buildings,
all railroad equipment and the first three miles of track from the Belfast/
Waldo town line, all the way to the waterfront in Belfast.
What I'd like to know, and I'm sure others would too, is if the railroad
will run this year, or not.
If not, what is to become of the railroad's equipment?
Lets join together and show how much interest there is in the history of
the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad, and hopefully, save it from the
scrappers torch.
To voice your concerns to the Unity Foundation, a special
e-mail address has been setup that will forward to the appopriate people. Send your comments and questions to:

[email protected]

Lets save the railroad!
Thank you all for your support!
--Joey Kelley

  by sandpvrr
Hello All,
I have some sad and disappointing news regarding the Waldo County railroading scene. Railstar Corp who had been leasing the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad track from the State of Maine has given up their lease. This means that the State of Maine now has control of the 30 miles of track from Burnham Jct to the Waldo/Belfast town line. The Unity foundation still has ownership of the assets of the railroad, all equipment and buildings, along with the first three (or so) miles of track.
Last I heard all equipment is going to be moved to Unity, and I assume, the equipment will be auctioned off.
This is dark news for fans of the Belfast and Moosehead Lake.
I'll try to keep everyone updated, but at the moment, things look rather grim.
--Joey Kelley

  by HighlandRail&DEY-7 652
Who do you contact about purchasing some of the equipment? Does the Unity Foundation have a website?

  by sandpvrr
Hello All,
The Unity Foundation can be reached at:
I have been told that previous attempts to contact them regarding equipment purchases have not been responded to.
Good Luck!
cya, Joey

  by AmtrakFan
Very Sad to see it go.