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  by msernak
Where exactly did the Bel Del cross under the Reading West Trenton line? When was this abandonded? I would like to trace the Bel Del from Lambertville to Trenton. Is there a trail one could walk? Are there any remnants to suggest this was a rail line?

  by SPUI
The crossing under the Reading was just west of the canal, a bit east of 29/175. The old ROW runs just west of the canal from Trenton north to Stockton, except in Trenton between Warren St and Murray St. I think large portions are now a multi-use trail.

  by SPUI
By the way, aerial photos seem to indicate that bridges over Parkside Ave (636) and Sullivan Way (579) still exist, next to bridges for the canal over the roads.

  by Ken W2KB
The Bel Del is a trail, erroneously termed the canal tow path.

  by JimBoylan
Ken W2KB wrote:The Bel Del is a trail, erroneously termed the canal tow path.
Some histories of the D & R Feeder Canal say that the railroad, which was built later, was laid on the canal towpath, and the mules got a new path on the East side, which had been the berm. This would make the rail trail the original towpath.
  by Milesius
The cross over was near mile maker 5 on the Bel Del.