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  by kozasoze
I visited the Beacon line on Monday. I noticed that there was some new gravel put down along Ice Pond, and eight gravel cars parked near the Harlem Line interchange. Anyone know what the work is for? Any plans or upcoming trips on the Beacon?

  by Otto Vondrak
Just part of regular maintenance on the line... MN owns and operates the Beacon Line, even though there are no regularly scheduled trains.

  by Maybrook fan
At about 1:00 am tues 11-30 a west bound unit of some kind stopped and blew horns for the Holmes Rd crossing. Was wondering if anyone knew what the move was. Traffic through here is so rare anymore that I can't help but get exited when something passes along. :)

  by DutchRailnut
HRRC picked up a oversized load at Beacon for Central Hudson.
A Transformer for Hopewell Jct Area, what you heard were light engines heading for Beacon.

  by Dieter
Perhaps he was blowing for a bear on the crossing! :-D

  by roee
Did anyone get pictures of this move? I guess it was pretty late, but..

  by hoharold
Passing the grade crossing of NY Rt. 82 on Tuesday at 10:30 am I saw a crew working on the crossing warning lights. Is this a good sign. Tracks are still VERY rusty though!

  by DutchRailnut
No all crossing equipment is to be removed, making Beacon line permanently Stop and warn ??
yup thats what they call it in the new rulebook for dummies.
The new rules took effect 03/03/05

  by Otto Vondrak
I think Dutch meant "Stop and Protect."

Since movements are so infrequent on the Beacon Line, there really doesnt seem to be a reason to maintain all the grade crossing circuits. I remember the last time I saw the inspection train run on the Beacon Line, MTA Police advanced each crossing and acted as flagmen so the train could stay on schedule.

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  by DutchRailnut
no thats not what I ment, In New Timetable the term is Stop and warn.

  by NJD8598
On the Beacon Line trip in September MTA police blocked just about every crossing, many still had lights in place but they didnt seem to work. There were gates and lights at one or two crossings right near Danbury station if I remember correctly.

  by DutchRailnut
The gates and lights have been off since Conrail left. under FRA rules unless a circuit is traveled at least 2 times a week with x amount of axles its considered rusty rail and can not be depended on.
So even if the stuff were on it would still not be working and if it did it can not be depended on to work while a train is passing.

  by nysw3636
I'm down visiting family this week and noticed the same thing this morning. All that is left is crossbucks and bell at Rt. 82 and Rt. 376 in Hopewell Junction, plus the same at Rt.216 and Old Rt. 52 in Stormville. Why the removal after all these years?? And why the Loram train in Hopewell Yard??


  by Dieter
This is certainly a major step BACKWARDS.

I thought there was a movement afoot to put bells and lights (if not gates) at every crossing in New York State.

Where's Operation Lifesaver when you need it? :(


  by roee
I agree it's a step backwards for the Beacon line, but why have the equipment there if it's not usable since it donen't recieve the traffic needed to keep it in the FRA standards. Plus, this equipment could be used on other crossings that recieve traffic.
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