• Bay Ridge Branch & New York City Transit Project

  • Discussion related to NYAR operations on Long Island. Official web site can be found here: www.anacostia.com/nyar/nyar.html. Also includes discussion related to NYNJ Rail, the carfloat operation successor to New York Cross Harbor that connects with NYAR.
Discussion related to NYAR operations on Long Island. Official web site can be found here: www.anacostia.com/nyar/nyar.html. Also includes discussion related to NYNJ Rail, the carfloat operation successor to New York Cross Harbor that connects with NYAR.
  by BMT
I've heard that NYCT is interested in using a portion of the Bay Ridge branch for turning #2 & #5 trains of the IRT at the nearby Flatbush/Brooklyn College terminal. This would mean tunneling through about 1 block to the Bay Ridge and creating a "Y" configuration of trackage.

The plan is to eliminate the bottle-necking of trains at the terminal during the rush-hours (currently there is no place to turn trains). I believe there is a Capitol Projects account of several million alloted for the work. We'll see what happens.

  by Scrap em All
Yeah right! like we are going to let the subway system use our ROW. Not going to happen.

  by DutchRailnut
as far as OUR ROW I believe its only serviced by NY&A not owned.
ownership is still LIRR (MTA).
but subway cars having a terminal on a FRA controlled ROW no its impossible. it would put the entire subway system under FRA control.

  by Sir Ray
Not saying there hasn't been discussion about this by the MTA, but really what would a 'Y' configuration get you? A loop, yes, continuous travel in the same direction turns the train around without the motorman leaving his cab, but a Y would entail the motorman walking back and forth through the train twice to turn the train, while with the current set up the motorman has to walk through the entire train once (that is, only if he's not being relieved and a new motorman has to walk through anyway).

I mean EMUs (which NYC subway cars are) are pretty much bi-directional by their very nature...

  by Knife-Switch
Great next thing you know will have runaway subways getting in our way!!!
  by BMT
To Scrap'em all & Duthrailnut: as I understand it, the plan would entail laying new tracks (with 3rd rail) in the Bay Ridge ROW. By not using the frieght tracks at all I'm sure there is some FRA loophole that MTA can get around for this project. Besides, the tracks in question would amount to layup tracks NOT involving the movement of passengers in revenue service.

To knife-switch: Here's a scenerio for you...subway trains are made 'double-ended' at terminals by having a Switchman jump on the consist at the rear of the train (future head-end unit) arriving at the southbound platform. They do the relay -- meaning a run down into the layup tracks of the Bay Ridge. At this time, anther train will move into the southbound platform pocket and discharge passengers (this is how rush-hour movements can avoid the current, 'conga-line' effect on the Flatbush branch). The relay train is moved into the northbound platform pocket (having switched over via the new Bay Ridge layup tracks). While the train takes on passengers at the terminal, the Switchman gets off and is replaced either by the Motorman on that run -- who walked forward on the platform to the new operating position -- or by a new T/O if a new tour has started.

  by Scrap em All
NYA has a 20 year lease on the branch. 13 more years left to go before renewal time. That means we do what we please for the next 13 years. Subways will not use our tracks period. However if the MTA decides to clean and widen the ROW by the college, and build seperate relay tracks next to ours, I'm more than sure that NYA and NYCTA can peacefully coexist next to each other.

  by Knife-Switch
The Bayridge is MINE (at least until the next pick).
And I don't like to share.

Can anyone tell me in the Hassidic Traditions, are there any prohibitions against waving? I politely wave and get nothing....makes ya wanna flip them the bird!!!!!

BMT, where do you spot from? I'll keep an eye out for ya -

The CDTR/ Engr Trainee formerly known as B-whacker.

By the way, what a racket you ENGR's have when ya got a trainee. I get to run around at the yard and customers, then run the ENGINE from point to point. Its like double friggin duty. Oh well 10 hrs down, 60 more to go.
I Luvvvvvvvvvv the trains!!!!!! :P
  by BMT
Let me educate you bro...first off, the Hasidim in Brooklyn are divided into two distinct groups: (1) The Satmar...who live primarily in the Williamsburg and Borough Park neighborhoods. They are identified by the heavy wool coats and the large furry hats. They tend to keep to themselves and rarely interact with the 'non-kosher' public -- which includes a 'no waving' policy). If you're doin' the Bushwick branch or on the Ridge over by McDonald Ave., you might spot a few of 'em.

(2) The Lubavitch live primarily in Crown Heights (but can also be found in Midwood). They are more inclined to interact with non-Hasids, and are identified by their fedoras and less heavy outer garments. On the Bay Ridge cut near Ocean Parkway/Brooklyn College area, you'll likely be in Lubavitch territory.

These two groups -- although look similar -- have very different views on political/religious matters and have a history of clashing...one believes that Israel should exist as it does now and the other believes the State of Israel should only exist after the return of the Messiah...IIRC.

Anything else ya need to know just throw me 4% of your salary... :)

  by Legio X
In my experience, and I have a good deal of it in my particular profession, they care to not deal with Gentiles whatsoever........

  by Knife-Switch
Well BMT,

Keep an ear out - because one day soon you may hear Vus Is Gevain coming from a Short hood SW1001.

All about keepin friendly with the neighbors :D

I just think they'd have to react to the tunes.....

Kinda like a Lubavitch Loco for the holidays

Oi from the Meshungina Goy
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  by freightguy
Interesting post all around. I guess I am considered part of the goyum. I always tried to wave and be freindly but got the same repsonse as Knife switch. They seem to be in parts of the right of way that are the most heavily littered. The city used to go through the garbage to try to find out who was illegally dumping. Turns out it was most of the people in their own neighborhoods, ashame.

  by Knife-Switch
I believe NYCH floats when they save enough pennies to buy passage across the harbor. Wasn't there a Thin Lizzy song "Don't pay the Ferryman"

We saw a couple of plainclothes wandering around NYCH Interchange tracks and they waved their badges aka flashed tin as we crept up to them.

Personally I prefer the Bayridge soley b/c there are no public grade crossings. There is more switching involved than Bushwick, more homeless in the ROW, but I'd say its a less stressful run. The biggest drawback on the Bayridge is 65th Street in the winter. The wind down there always makes it feel at least 10 degrees colder and it blows the snow right back into a cleaned out switch in seconds. But give me the deep freeze over the crossing gauntlet anyday.

  by DogBert
Musta been vandal squad cops. Seems the taggers are more into hitting the cars on the CH interchange track because they're visible from the N subway line right there - they still do it, even though they know it's one of VS's more favorite places to hang out. some graffiti guys think that being arrested 50 times makes them that much cooler than those that never do time in the joint. Not exactly the brightest apples in the bunch...

65th seems cold any time of the year. last night was pretty nice though. got lots of photos of the coaches. Anyone know the story behind them? I think I have some photos of the same cars at yard A like 3 years ago, without the graffiti.

  by BMT
Well, not to give too much away, but the Vandal Squad had a 'baited trap' set for graffiti-nuts last year in the SBK interchange yard, and the jerks fell for it! I don't know if the 'bait' is still being used...I haven't been over there in awhile.

BTW, one of the VS crew told me that unlike the '70s where there were home-grown graffiti-vandals, this new crop hails from France, Germany and parts of Europe. Alot of these loseres actually fly over to the US just to tag up some railcars!! Patetic!