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  by Campo36
Hello folks, I have a few questions about the CNJ-PRR Yard and South Amboy engine change.
1st, in 1950, how many tracks did Bay Head have? Could anyone point me to some good reference photo's too?
2nd, did Bay head contain any servicing facilities?
3rd, Where did steam engines go to be turned at South Amboy?
4th, Where would GG1's wait to pick a train back to NY?

Thanks for your time, and I hope someone can help me out! :-D
  by Zeke
1950 era probably 15 or more yard tracks in Bay Head......Bay Head had an engine terminal that was located just west of the station around the loop track. At South Amboy passenger station Steam engines cut off of eastbound trains went up the MU yard lead and backed down to the South Amboy engine house. After servicing Steam and Diesels assigned to a west bound train would pull past the S.A. yard office out to the Amboy secondary track to a spring switch IIRC it designated GQ. After calling SA tower for permission the engine would then back down east along side the tower out onto the Raritan river draw and then reverse direction west down to the station and await the electric hauled westbound, usually ducking the engine into the Raritan River railroad interchange track.

The normal move for an eastbound electric was to wait on no.2 main for the eastbound train as the inbound engine would go up the MU yard lead. The GG-1 would then just back down to its train on a straight shot couple up, shoot the steam back, do an air test and proceed to New York. If a Jersey Central train was running ahead of the PRR train the motor would pull into the MU yard and after the Jersey Central passed would wait in the clear for the inbound PRR engine to go up the MU yard lead and the motor would just back to the eastbound from its location in the MU yard. There were switch tenders on duty 24/7 on both ends of the station to facilitate engine changes and operate the manual switches and crossing gates. The CNJ forced the PRR to do the engine change at Rahway for a number of years complaining there was too much rush hour CNJ thru traffic for the PRR to tie-up the main at South Amboy station doing engine changes. One thing that sparked off the strained PRR/CNJ relationship in the 1950's was the PRR had air conditioned its trains while the CNJ trains were non A/C causing the PRR to siphon off CNJ passengers who wanted a cool ride in the summer season.
  by ExCon90
Thanks for that post. I always wondered what the reason was for shifting the engine change to Rahway.
  by Campo36
Thank you very much, this will help me out big time. If I have more questions about this area in the future, I'll ask.
  by bigblue5277
A sad sight seeing Bay Head yard absent of any GP40PH locomotives (I believe it's a sign they are disappearing)
http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.p ... 429&nseq=1" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
I was a little surprised to see all locomotives facing north when they typically shove from the south.
I also spotted two comet cars marked with graffiti. The other one was at the south end of the yard.
I imagine they weren't vandalized here. Will they get repainted here?