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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by MaineCoonCat
GP40MC1118 wrote: Sat Dec 18, 2021 12:57 pm Had a report this week that Tresca was cleaning out flangeways.
Interesting.. Island Rd.? The wastewater plant? And there's another driveway by 150 Dover Rd... Wouldn't the railroad do this, and not the customer? To my knowledge, the abutting land at Island Rd. is town owned. I'd think there would be liability concerns.
  by GP40MC1118
Have no idea. A friend went up there the other day and saw them. Not sure of the exact locations.
  by craven
Could be GOOD news for the line. Clean flanges and cut some heavy brush off of rails to prevent de-railing.
Recall a number of ears ago, Tresca had ~ (10) cars delivered late December provide material before the heavy snow arrived

I'll keep checking on any progress.
  by MaineCoonCat
Do they really maintain an office at 1073 Main Street, Millis? AFAIK, that's the dispensary/warehouse for Therapeutic Health Centre..

I do see that they first posted this around 23 July..


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  by craven
Stopped by the 1701 today. She's still looking for work. No change to the spur.
  by bostontrainguy
Checking out the Rockland Branch thread sounds like something is about to happen:

"By the sounds the cement will now be hauled by rail to Millis, Mass where it will be transloaded."

"They went all the way to Selkirk, back east to Worcester/Framingham yesterday. Expect them to go to Readville, then set off the following day at Medfield Jct."
  by GP40MC1118
Cars got to Readville last night. Due back out today for set out of Medfield Jct
  by GP40MC1118
Cars stayed in Readville for reasons unknown..
  by GP40MC1118
Cars were delivered today. 1701 stretched it legs. Heard there was a mob out there.
  by MaineCoonCat
So does this mean G&U lost a customer?
  by GP40MC1118
  by dariaphoebe
There were about a half dozen people chasing the move today
  by MaineCoonCat
So I wonder what caused Tresca to resume taking deliveries here instead of via the G&U after so long..
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