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Discussion pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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  by Shortline614
Has anyone been north of Hallwood to check on the progress that the Delmarva Central has made in refurbishing the line?
  by riffian
This month's Railpace magazine has a lengthy article on the remains of the Bay Coast, which says in part "Delmarva Central Railroad is leasing the tracks from Hallwood northward to Pocomoke City. Upgrading to Class-2 status from Lecato to Pocomoke City will soon be completed, enabling 25 MPH operation. The work involves replacing 2,300 ties per mile. From Lecato to Hallwood 700 ties per mile were replaced, raising that area to Class 1, which allows 10 MPH."

There is a great deal more about the potential sale of the properties in Cape Charles and Little Creek, both owned by Canonie Atlantic Company. Its a pretty complicated story, but suffice to say there is a claim of mismanagement by the previous leadership (ie; the barge rebuilt for $1,000.000, never used then sold for $179,000). Dickie Foster is still in the picture, on the hook for half the costs of abandonment. Canonie is apparently trying desperately to sell both yards and owes the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation $120,000. Sale of the Cape Charles Yard to the city has fallen through. The yard was once valued at $4 million, but I guess its not worth anything if you can't find a buyer. There is much more info in the article and is worth purchasing.
  by Shortline614
I might be heading up to the Eastern Shore on Thursday to check on the remains of the BCR. Has there been any recent updates regarding the now abandoned line?
  by Teutobergerwald
The abandonment from Hallwood south to Cape Charles still a go? Has a company been hired to remove the trackage?
  by Mike Doughney
Track removal has begun, per this report.
Demolition of the railroad tracks in the Bloxom area has begun. An excavator was seen Sunday taking up old railroad ties in Bloxom. The action belies any hope that track could be rehabilitated to extend railroad service south of the current terminus in Hallwood.

Canonie Atlantic, the parent company of the railroad, is currently working with the Rails To Trails program to retain the track bed to provide right of ways for a proposed sewer line, broadband lines and other possible uses. The program would also make the right of way available in the event that in the future, rail service could be returned if feasible.
https://shoredailynews.com/headlines/tr ... oxom-area/?
  by kitchin
I mentioned Canonie in another thread: post1566919.html#p1566919 At the risk of taking up electrons, here's the story of the state recently buying a piece of it in central Norfolk (not Little Creek) again:
St. Julian’s Yard in Norfolk, Virginia is the site on which Amtrak services its passenger trains that terminate and originate from Norfolk Station. The land and some rail assets are currently owned by Canonie Atlantic, a private company owned by the Accomack-Northampton Transportation District Commission. Purchase of Amtrak train service facility in Norfolk, VA from Canonie Atlantic will secure the site for current and future Amtrak service to Norfolk.
http://www.drpt.virginia.gov/media/3298 ... -final.pdf