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  by bill8106
I was flipping through "Delaware & Hudson in Color, Volume 1" this morning, and noticed pictures of RS-2s that had their battery boxes moved from below the frame to the running board behind the cab, ala RS-3s. A stepped-up RS-3 type handrail is also present.

(For those that have the book and would like to see an example, compare the photo of #4006 on page 27, taken in 1949-50, to the same loco on page 51 in 1962).

The fuel fill is still on the side of the cab, but otherwise these units have an RS-3 profile.

Does anyone know when and why the D&H did this apparent retro fit? Was it during the repaintings to blue and gray lightning stripes?


  by Engineer Spike
The batteries were moved so there was more room for water tanks below the frame. This was handy for the units assigned to long distance runs. I read somewhere that the RS2 was preferable to the RS3 in passenger because the fuel was under the cab. With the batteries on the walkway, the largest possible water tanks fit. This gave longer distances between water stops.