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  by lpetrich
VTA’s BART Berryessa Extension Update
On June 12, VTA was informed by its contractor that some of the networking equipment installed to date does not comply with contract requirements and must be replaced. This networking equipment includes hundreds of data control devices, generally referred to as switches or routers. After receiving this information, VTA immediately conducted a security assessment to determine the full nature and extent of the problem identified in June. From this effort, it was determined that approximately 1,100 devices will have to be replaced and retested.
They expect to do that over the last months of 2018. The article states that BART had a similar problem with eBART to Antioch, with 125 parts that had to be replaced.

Field Work Begins to Advance Design on VTA’s BART Phase II Project
In preparation for the construction of VTA’s six-mile BART extension into downtown San Jose and Santa Clara, VTA will begin to gather information about the geological conditions and locations of utilities in the path of the future project.
  by lpetrich
Warm Springs/So.Fremont Station West Access Bridge & Plaza Project | bart.gov
BART and the City of Fremont are working together on a project to build a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Union Pacific tracks connecting the new plaza west of the station to the Warm Springs/South Fremont BART Station. Work at the station will begin in January, 2019 and is scheduled for completion in 2020.
Cost for new Warm Springs BART pedestrian bridge rises before shovels hit ground – East Bay Times

There's a planned brownfield infill development that it will serve. There is another brownfield development to the east of the station. I checked on some mapping sites:
  • Terraserver -- now payware
  • Bing -- BART station under construction. Parking lots unpaved.
  • Google -- BART station almost open. No construction on either side.
  • MapQuest -- BART station almost open. Ground clearing on east side.
  • Yahoo -- BART station open. Ground clearing and some construction on both sides.
Warm Springs Transit Village - Van Meter Williams Pollack LLP is about the east side -- mostly multistory apartment blocks. I couldn't find anything recent on the west side, but I'm guessing that it's likely similar.
  by lpetrich
I have an iMac, and I checked on Apple Maps. That is indeed the case. There are several buildings in various stages of construction on both sides, though on the west side, it is still mostly ground clearing.

BART has a page on such property development: Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) | bart.gov I checked on which stations list property developments:
  • Core: MacArthur XC
  • Richmond: Ashby X, El Cerrito P, Richmond XP
  • Pittsburg/Antioch: Walnut Creek C, Pleasant Hill XCP, North Concord / Martinez P
  • Fremont: Lake Merritt P, Fruitvale XP, Coliseum C, San Leandro XC, Hayward X, South Hayward X
  • Dublin-Pleasanton: Castro Valley X, West D-P XCP, East D-P X
  • SF/Millbrae: West Oakland P, Balboa Park P, Millbrae P
X = at least partially completed
C = under construction
P = planned / proposed

No mention of Warm Springs.
  by The EGE
Here's my aerial photo of the station on December 30. The red fences near the split in the darker (UP) track may be footing construction.
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  by lpetrich
Thanx. It's impressive how far that construction has gone. Does this construction extend further east or west?
  by lpetrich
BART testing to San Jose picks up; Nov. 1 opening tentatively set – East Bay Times
A second phase will extend BART six miles from Berryessa into downtown San Jose and Santa Clara and is projected to be completed in 2026.

Crews are now boring into the ground in parking spaces and sidewalks on Santa Clara Street. ...

Major construction isn’t expected downtown until next year.
Construction of long-delayed Warm Springs BART West Access Bridge moving along – East Bay Times "Bridge and plaza project expected to be complete by 2020"
One set of major support columns have been completed, and another set is on the way as work on the foundation continues, according to Hans Larsen, Fremont’s public works director.

Later this year, Larsen said major portions of the bridge structure — which are being built off-site — will be incorporated.

“The plaza will provide a community gathering space with seating, bicycle lockers, solar charging stations, an information kiosk, and public art,” the city statement said.
  by lpetrich
Irvington BART Station Plan: Tuesday Meeting | Fremont, CA Patch noting Irvington BART Station | City of Fremont Official Website

They are expecting construction to start in 2022 and the station to open in 2026.

BART Begins Construction of South Bay Extension - NBC Bay Area
"The work we begin this week for the next seven weeks is preliminary work that will allow us to better understand the soil conditions and where the utilities are placed so that we can advance the design of the tunnel and underground stations," VTA spokesperson Brandi Childress said in a statement.
So it's essentially preconstruction work, probing the ground.
  by lpetrich
Another Milestone Achieved - transfer of the trackway from VTA to BART. Here is what remains:
  • Transition all operations from a project test center to their operations control center
  • Integrate the operations of the new BART service and stations with the existing BART system
  • Train personnel and begin simulated service to and from the new stations - replicating the service you'll experience when the stations open for passenger service
  • Make final safety checks and obtain safety certifications from the State of California
  • Set the fares and service plan for the new service
Expected opening date: December 2019

I checked on the Warm Springs station area using various map sites.
  • Google: station open, (east) 1/3 structure done, 1/3 half-done, 1/3 foundation cleared (west) second building largely done
  • Bing: station not open, (east) 1/3 half-done, 1/3 foundation started(?), 1/3 foundation cleared (west) starting on second building
  • MapQuest: station open, (east) foundations cleared, some fdns started (west) cleared, first building under construction
  • Yahoo: (discontinued)
  • Apple: station open, (east) foundations cleared for most of the buildings (west) lots of clearing, first building
The east-side property has these street names: Tom Blalock St., Kinetic Common, Velocity Common, Electric Terrace, Volt Terrace, Navigation St., Kilowatt Way.

The Warm Springs station has solar panels on its roofs and canopies, except for the main walkway, which has a glass roof. No evidence of work on the west-side pedestrian overpass.
  by lpetrich
Thanx, The EGE.

I notice all the construction in the background. The buildings look like they could be apartment buildings or office buildings. Seems like the west-side transit village is coming along.
  by Jeff Smith
MercuryNews.com: In the next decade, Google, BART and a new Diridon Station will transform San Jose
There’s been a lot of buzz about Google gobbling up land in San Jose and big plans for an overhaul of the city’s sleepy downtown train station. But when will it all start to happen?
Perhaps best known is that Google is planning to build a major campus with offices, homes and commercial space near Diridon Station. But the station itself is also set to get an overhaul because city planners expect it to serve thousands of more travelers in the coming years.

One reason? BART is extending from the East Bay through downtown San Jose and eventually to Santa Clara. At some point, high-speed rail could also connect Silicon Valley to the Central Valley.
So when does it all happen?
Caltrain is already converting from diesel- to electric-powered trains, which will mean more frequent train service down the Peninsula to San Jose. That process should be completed by 2022.

Next up will be the BART extension. New stations are scheduled to open in Milpitas and Berryessa later this year. Then, sometime in the next seven or so years, BART plans to add four more stations in Alum Rock, downtown on Santa Clara Street between Market and Third streets, at Diridon and in Santa Clara. BART and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), which is funding the construction and operating costs of the extension, are working on the design, schedule and funding. If everything goes according to plan, construction could start in 2021 and the four stations could open in 2026.
  by lensovet
lpetrich wrote: Fri Jul 19, 2019 4:23 pm Thanx, The EGE.

I notice all the construction in the background. The buildings look like they could be apartment buildings or office buildings. Seems like the west-side transit village is coming along.
Yeah these are mostly homes. Here are at least two of the communities there: https://www.lennar.com/new-homes/califo ... innovation and https://www.sheahomes.com/new-homes/cal ... nnovation/. The east side meanwhile is https://www.metrocrossing.com.
  by lpetrich
New BART station slated for completion in 2026 - SFGate
BART anticipates that construction on the two-story station will begin after 2022, and expects it to be completed in 2026. Irvington Station will be located south of the Fremont station, just before the Warm Springs/South Fremont stop.
BART Board approves new and improved plan for future Irvington Station | bart.gov
The updated plan calls for a smaller, more cost-effective and neighborhood-friendly station which prioritizes pedestrian, bicycle and shared mobility access. The plan approved today provides greater opportunity for transit-oriented development located directly adjacent to the station and eases concerns related to traffic congestion caused by the addition of a BART station to the area.
Irvington BART Station | City of Fremont Official Website
The station will be a side-platform one.
  by lpetrich
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