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  by cta4453
I have seen a track diagram and only a handful of photos of the base, but it was only of buildings. I'm thinking about buying the book regarding the history. Does anyone know where I can find old/new photos of Badger Ordnance in Badger, WI? Also, I was told that there is still a locomotive sitting in the engine shed there... any info on that? Thanks.
  by RailVet
Here's what I have on Badger:

Badger Army Ammunition Plant

Rail Shop
Olin Corporation
Badger AAP, WI 53913
(608) 643 3361
DSN: 280 9361

The Badger Army Ammunition Plant utility rail system is operated by contract with the Olin Corporation. Covering 26.46 miles of track, it connects with the UP (ex-C&NW) and the Wisconsin & Calumet (formerly Milwaukee Road) on the south and east sides of the plant. Located eight miles south of Baraboo, the system formerly carried bulk propellants and acids over 75, 80, 85, and 110 pound rail, much of which dates to 1918; however, the rail operation is now almost totally inactive and is only used for occasional intra-plant movements. The enginehouse is located in Building 501. (Later notes: Base in inactive; site is used by 757th Transportation Battalion for training as well as rail car storage by RailCar Associates, PO Box 2967, Cleveland, TN 37320, PH 423-476-5677, FAX 423-476-2232.)


USA 1256 (formerly assigned to Detroit Army Tank Plant, MI)
Type: RS4TC
Built in 1954

Rolling Stock: 100 30-ton flat cars, 17 30-ton wood box cars, 10 tank cars, and four ammonia tank cars.

The plant also possesses a yellow four-wheel Brookville locomotive not on the Army wide roster.

  by Nukengineer
I couldnt find any pictures, but google earth has good resolution of the area. Driving by there last weekend, the place has changed. The main production facilities closest to the highway (US 12) are just about all torn down. The remaining buidings visable from the highway inside the security fence look to be ready to go soon (holes cut into the walls, windows removed...) I didnt see any rail cars from the highway. I remember 15-20 years ago, there was always a string of tank cars there. I could find nothing on the site on the EPA website nor Wisconsin Historical society.

As for rail near the site. The line from the south is severed at the Wisconsin river bridge in Sauk City. WSOR was trying to fix it, but the river currents undercut a support, so they 'had to' blow up a span to make it safe (forget the year but I guess 2-3 years ago. It is also severed where it crosses US 12 in Sauk city (rails removed and paved over.) There is at least one customer north of sauk city and south of the plant that still gets rail service (Saw a car there last year), so WSOR must bring it through the plant to service him.

The north side (actually east) is tied in to WSOR/UP tracks by WI 78 just north of Merrimac. There is a wye and a storage track present by a public road outside the facility (again a year ago). The WSOR line sees 'scheduled' traffic 3 days a week from Madison to Baraboo (although I can never time it right to get a picture of a train crossing the WI river next to the ferry crossing) and as needed to the end of the line in Reedsburg. UP has been running ballast trains daily in the summer from the pink lady quarry at Rock springs. The mid contenent railroad muesum also connects to this line at North Freedom.

The final plans for the site are still a topic of heated debate in WI. The main ideas are to give it back to the indians, residential community, state park (it borders devils lake state park) or industrial area with rail service.