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  by MattW
I was wondering just what the operations for the B train at Brighton Beach look like? Does a southbound B train always pull in next to the southbound Q platform to enable the transfer from the B express to the Q local to Coney Island? I've seen some videos on YouTube that would seem to contradict that, but I couldn't tell if that was a fluke, or that it really is random.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
Welp, right now there is no (B)ravo...or (B)eyonce operations at Brighton Beach for the time being :(

No, they don't always do that - if you want to guarantee a cross platform transfer, change at Sheepshead Bay. In an ideal world the (B) will take a switch south of Sheepshead Bay and end up on track 4 on the uptown side.
  by CTG
Back when I was regular on that line, conductors would make an announcement at Sheepshead Bay telling passengers for Ocean Parkway, West 8th and Coney Island to transfer at Sheepshead Bay.

Not sure whether the newer equipment with pre-programmed announcements also do that, though.