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Moderator: Benjamin Maggi

  by Pete D
I caught the B&P local switching Blue Seal and the A&A interchange last Wed. Got me wondering if having the B&P in town will have any effect on how the A&A does things, such as different train schedules. Will the B&P give better service than NS? Any opinions out there?

  by thebigham
The B&P will probably offer better service. They will bring the cars down from Buffalo.

A NS train brought the cars down to Olean. The NS local based out of Olean would then deliver the cars to Arcade.

(How are you doing, Pete?)

  by Pete D
I'm doing great. Done any more exploring on the old TV&C lately?
Anyway, back on topic. When I get the chance, I hope to get a chance to talk to the Blue Seal guys to get thier feelings on the B&P. I was on the road all last week and I'm on vacation this week so I haven't seen much of them.

Since the B&P seems to be on a different schedule than NS was I'm curious if this will put the A&A freght trains on different days.

  by umtrr-author
OK, I will have to use a "Dumb Question Card" or at least an "Uninformed Question Card" on this...

I was away for a good chunk of August. What did I miss with respect to the B&P running on the NS?

  by thebigham
The B&P is now leasing the Buffalo line from Machias to CP Gravity.

The WNY&P is now operating the line from Machias to Driftwood.

NS is not operating any trains on the line. NS detour trains may operate if need be.

  by thebigham
Hey, Pete.

I live in NYC now. Far away from TV&C land...

  by Benjamin Maggi
Has anyone seen the motive power that interchanges with the A&A? What time does the B&P switch the area, and what is their frequency?

  by Pete D
So far it apears they're running Mon. Wed. Fri., usually mid afternoon. If I get the chance to talk to the right people I'll try to confirm it
Monday they showed up with a black GP-9, high nose. I didn't catch the number. I didn't realize there were any of those left on the B&P. I figured they had all had thier noses chopped by now.

  by thebigham
The B&P only has two of those black high-nose GP9s left.


  by Benjamin Maggi
There is a bliack high-nose geep that also works the G&W salt mine in Mt. Morris, NY. I wonder if it the same engine on rotation, or if they have more than 2 high nose units.