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  by iceman977th
I've seen a couple pages about this line, and it's current history as the Great Miami & Scioto RWY, but the timetables & route charts I've seen said the line ran all the way past South Webster, and since it was called the Portsmouth sub, I assume ran into Portsmouth at some point. Did this line bisect the current CSX Northern sub at some point & run through Sciotoville? I know the line ends outside of Oak Hill now, but it would be nice to learn a bit more about the railroads around here. Thanks
  by iceman977th
262 wrote:This webb page http://cg-tower.com/portsmouth/industry/industries.htm lists a C&O crossing at 48.2 miles from Portsmith sub.Jct. and the map identifies it as the C&O N at Sciotoville.
Sounds about right. Any real reason why the rails were sold off and cut? Is there nothing that much to the NE of the line for NS to serve regularly?
  by 262
The rationalization of the lines in the area began after the C&O takeover of the B&O.Then the coal and clay mineing played out or became unprofitable.With these went the steel mills and brick making.I think there was trans-shipment of local coal to barges on the Ohio River was the impetus to reach Portsmith.Industries in all of Ohio have been in decline since at least the late 1960s early 70s.CSX has been in the process of abandoning or leasing,selling branch and secondary lines since the 1980s.In a few of their market reports the have stated they see the railroad as a main line serviceing bulk customers and feeder lines,(short line RRs).
  by TateSkinner
Hello! I have lived in Sciotoville for a long time. Here is some information about the line.

The line did, indeed, run to Portsmouth. It passed through Sciotoville. It crossed Highland Bend Road, Little Scioto River on a bridge, Bloom Street and Harding Avenue beside what is now Giovanni's (and used to be Hibbett's Hardware).

The last heavy use for the part from Highland Bend to New Boston was in the early 80s. Chessie System would haul coke from New Boston through Sciotoville and then northward through Minford. There is a line that connects to the double main line that runs over the Ohio River. It is a fairly steep grade (probably 3 to 4 percent).

The B&O line was built long before the double main that crosses the Ohio River, which originally started as one line. When the double main was built, a bridge was constructed over the B&O line in Highland Bend. The original B&O line still exists under that bridge and is in use by KSA for loading gondolas with untreated crossties. In fact, up until a few years ago, you could clearly see one or two telegraph poles still standing beside it.

Before the track was removed from Highland Bend to the Knock & Sons Company (just south of Oak Hill), there were several cars that were brought to Sciotoville and left under the bridge (what KSA uses now). There were mostly box cars and tankers (probably 10 or 11 cars total). They must have sat there for a good 7 years before being picked up in the late 80s and taken up to the double main.