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  by SSW9389
What are the original road numbers for the B&O passenger FA-2s and FB-2s? :wink:
  by mmi16
The Alco's were bought in 1950 as A-B-A sets, a total of 6 sets were purchased with the A units numbered in the 800's originally and they were B&O Class DF-7 & DF-7x for the B units. They were purchased as freight engines.
  by scottychaos
B&O Owned 38 FA2's and 21 FB2's..
(No FA1's or FB1's)

Not sure about passenger service for some of them..
found a few internet guesses that "some might have had steam generators"..
but haven't been able to confirm that..

The numbering is a bit convoluted..
Looks like originally an ABA set would have been numbered something like:

825 (first A unit)
825x (the B-unit)
825A (the 2nd A-unit)

There were also (perhaps later, or with different orders) some B, D, and AX suffixes in the mix..
individual units could have been re-numbured several times, even when they were still in the 800 series..

later still, they were renumbured in the 4000 series.

To try to work it out, here are some rosters:



  by scottychaos
Found some info in another thread!
assuming this is correct (and I have no reason to doubt it) these are probably the numbers
for the B&O steam-generator equipped FA's:
SSW9389 wrote:I have received several replies about the B&O units.

The A units with steam generators by original numbers are 809, 809A, 811, 811A, 813, 813A, 815, 815A, 817, 817A for a total of 10 units.

The B units with steam generators by original numbers are 809X 811X, 813X, 815X, 817X for a total of 5 units. One source wrote that the booster 817AX had a steam generator which would make six.

I do not have any B&O books to refer to so the above is what has been told to me so far.