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  by Blutorse4792
I'm looking for information on what happened to some Baldwin Sharknoses that where sold to the B&O from the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway in Illinois. I can't find any road numbers, but I know they were sold to the B&O in the mid-1950s.

If anyone has any, could you also post some pics of B&O DR-4-4-15s?

  by BaltOhio
There were just two, originally built 6/49 as BLW demos 6001A and 6001A1, to EJ&E 700A-701A in 12/50; to B&O 847, 849 in 3/55; to B&O 4200-4201 in early '57.

B&O 4200 retired 10/62 and sold for scrap 1/63; #4201 retired 1/31/63 and sold to EMD as tradein for SD35s in 7/64.

  by Steam man
Picture of the 4200 from Northeast Railfan B&O diesel roster. There were only two as indicated by BaltOhio, but both 'A" units had a matching "B" unit numbered 847X abd 849X.


  by BaltOhio
Right...I forgot about the B units. Just to complete the story, they were, successively, BLW 6001B-6001B1; EJ&E 700B-701B; B&O 847X, 849X: B&O 5200-5201. The 5200 was retired 3/62 and went to EMD 8/64, as part of tradeins for an SD35 order, 5201 retired 3/62 and sold for scrap 12/62.

  by Blutorse4792
Now for the hard part - Leslie A200 or WABCO E-2? What kind of horn?