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  by urrengr2003
Just looked at a photo on a sister website taken 09-04-11 @ East Baring on the Marceline Sub. The photo clearly shows what appear to be Automatic Train Stop Inductors on each of the two main line tracks to the rear of the Absolute Signals. Is ATS in service on this portion of the railroad; and if so, to what is the extent of the territory covered. Must confess didn't realize any ATS was in service anywhere after mass abandoments of this system by eastern
roads in the late 60's & early 70's.
  by Backshophoss
The ATS(Automatic Train Stop) still lives on the Transcon from Dalies NM into the LA metro area,SCAX(Metrolink) extended ATS to all
their lines after "Chatsworth" happened,NMRX uses ATS from MP 836.2 (Lamy) to CP E. Isleta,BNSF still maintains the ATS on the rest of
the Southwest Chief route(#3+#4)from Lamy back to Rowe(Glorieta CTC),a gap till Trinadad,then from there back to Kansas City.
From Kansas City back to Chicago,there's some gaps on that part of the Transcon.
  by tnbirke
Unless things have changed, there is no ATS still in service east of Ft. Madison, Iowa. Ther ATS pickups are removed from the lead units during the station stop at Ft. Madison because the platforms at Chicago Union Station will not clear. Apparently the pickup (which is attached to the journal bearing cover) on the first train after Amtrak's arrival in 1971 rode up on the sloping platform until the casting broke with a load noise and that was the end of ATS east of Ft. Madison.
There was ATS west of Ft. Worth for a few years after Amtrak's inception on the Texas Chief route. When the TC received former Union Pacific E-units ATS had to be fitted at Cleburne Shops and later more units were equipped for the Ft. Worth to Laredo Inter-American.