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  by Jeff Smith
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The Redlands Passenger Rail Project is an advanced regional transportation project designed to connect residents, businesses and visitors to a variety of leisure, education, healthcare and other destinations. This nine-mile rail project provides new transportation choices through the implementation of a new rail service that integrates conveniently with other modes such as auto, bus and bicycle.
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The Redlands Passenger Rail Project is an innovative nine-mile regional rail project that provides additional transportation choices through the
introduction of a new rail service, known as the Arrow, which integrates conveniently with other modes of transportation such as auto, bus and

The Arrow will connect San Bernardino and Redlands and will offer residents, businesses and visitors a new commuting option to travel to a
variety of leisure, education, healthcare and other destinations. Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) have been identified as the preferred vehicle
to provide primary service for the project. The DMUs are powered by an on-board low-emission, Clean Diesel engine which are smaller, quieter,
more efficient, and cheaper to operate than standard locomotive haul coaches, similar to Metrolink. DMUs work interoperably on the same track
as Metrolink and freight train services which allows for all three train services to use the same track in the existing corridor.

In addition to local commuter service, a Metrolink locomotive hauled coach train will also provide round trip express service from Redlands-to-Los
Angeles each morning with return trip from Los Angeles-to-Redlands each evening.
https://www.gosbcta.com/project/diesel- ... nit-pilot/
In conjunction with public transit expansion as demonstrated by construction of the Redlands Passenger Rail/Arrow Project, SBCTA is seeking to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on its transit systems by initially deploying a zero or low emission train and ultimately converting the Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) vehicles on the Arrow. In 2018, SBCTA was awarded a Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP) grant for the development and purchase of an additional rail vehicle that will demonstrate the ability to provide zero emission service using multiple unit train sets. The project will also explore the conversion of at least one DMU vehicle used on the Arrow service, so that regular revenue operations are provided by a zero emission fleet, dramatically changing the corridor-level emissions of the new rail service.
  by njtmnrrbuff
I am very excited about this project. It will be great for Redlands to be connected to the Metrolink system, even if they will have to transfer at Downtown San Bernardino Station during most hours of the day and on weekends. That one Metrolink train that is supposed to be extended from Downtown San Bernardino to Downtown Redlands will be great for those people who are heading to Downtown LA or another station like Claremont. I have family friends who live in Redlands about a mile and a half from where the Downtown Redlands station will be located. All of the years that I visited them, I have taken Metrolink to the San Bernardino Santa Fe Depot and the last time was in April of 2017. Rather than having to be dropped off or picked up in San Bernardino when visiting them, I can just take the train to Downtown Redlands.