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  by Julie
Does anyone know the history of the area known as Ardmore GA? Legend says it was once a town with its own coins and that the original buildings were burned by Sherman's troops.

I have done local research but turned up very little. I am researching this as a hobby for the current owners of Ardmore.

  by Julie
Thanks for replying, but it is Georgia, not Alabama.

Ardmore, in Effingham County, Ga.


  by LCJ
Is there a short line or industrial railroad there -- as the current forum topic might indicate?

If not -- at the risk of being rude, here -- then I don't see the connection to Railroad.net at all.

Give us a clue, Julie.

  by Julie
Georgia Midland, formerly Ogeechee.

Ardmore and Sylvania.

I saw these points discussed here, so I thought someone might know where and what I'm talking about.

Sorry if I'm in the wrong place.


  by LCJ
That makes it a legitimate post, then. Hope you get what you're seeking.

I'm not the topic police, here. I just wondered about the connection.

The only Georgia Midland I could find with Google was a defunct line that was absorbed by Southern railway many years past. The current company must not have a web presence.

I did find one FRA reference to their leasing Ogeechee from GDOT.

  by Julie
http://www.dot.state.ga.us/dot/plan-pro ... shtml#OGEE

I don't know if this link will show up or not.

This weekend I will go to Ardmore,GA and take a picture of the rails and the sign.

I appreciate any interest.

Thank you,

  by ACLfan

Please don't be put off by some of the prior responses.

Ardmore was a town on the old Central Railroad (not to be confused with the Central of Georgia). The Central Railroad was a predecessor of the Savannah & Atlanta RY, which was acquired by the Southern Railway, which merged with the Norfolk & Western to become the present-day Norfolk Southern System. And, yes, there is a railroad there today, and "Ardmore" is the junction of the shortline up to Sylvania, and the NS's main line between Savannah and Macon / Atlanta, and Augusta, GA / Columbia, SC.

During the Civil War, both of Sherman's two wings of his Army (aka "The Marauding Horde") passed through Effingham County on the infamous march across Georgia to Savannah.

Sherman's army used the Central Railroad to transport equipment and supplies that had been plundered from the areas that his army had passed through, and totally destroyed the sections of railroad behind them so that it would be of absolutely no future use to the "enemy".

Yes, Sherman's army did burn and destroy anything and everything that was considered to be of militiary or economic sigificance, usage or value. And, yes, sometimes the fires got out of control and accidentially burned a lot more than was intended to be destroyed, but hey, that's what total warfare is all about! So, it is very possible that the entire town was burned and destroyed, whether accidentally or on purpose!

My suggestion is that you contact the Georgia Historical Commission, as the Commission has extensive files on the details of Sherman's little "picnic" between Atlanta and Savannah. If the town of Ardmore was destroyed by Sherman's "troops", they would have a record of the happening.

Regarding coins, I'm not aware of any cities in Georgia during that period of time that minted coins, simply because of a historical thing against taxation, the cities had no way to create the monetary wealth necessary to give value to the coins.

On the other hand, local banks affiliated with the Georgia Banking Company did have the financial wealth and reserves to mint and distribute coins for general usage in the local area. It was a way for them to keep payroll monies and other money being exchanged in the local area, rather than being spent somewhere else.

And, large companies that operated company stores (commissaries) also minted their own coins, and paid most (and in some cases, all) of their workers' salaries in their own coins, which forced the employees to buy their food, clothing, and other needed supplies from the company store (at inflated prices), rather than in the general community. Sawmills, cotton ginning mills, turpentine companies, and similar operations often had company stores, and their own coins for use in the company stores.

So, it is my guess that if coins were minted in the Ardmore area, it was by a local bank or large employer with a company store; and not by the city.

Again, if you haven't already, please check with the Georgia Historical Commission. They are a real treasure trove for the type of information that you are searching for.

Good luck and best wishes!

  by Julie
Dear ACLfan,

You have just made me your fan. Inspired by your knowledgeable reply, I have a new enthusiasm for my research project. I appreciate very much your time and effort. You're a good person.

Thank you,

  by Aa3rt
ACLfan-thanks for giving this young lady some valuable information.

My el cheapo road atlas (Wal-Mart special) is not detailed enough to show some of the smaller towns. However, I did find Ardmore on the Savannah and Atlanta line using an "Official Guide of the Railways" from June of 1968. Ardmore is listed as being 36.2 miles from Savannah on the S&A. The line ran from Savannah to Sylvania, GA. Somewhere near Ardmore the S&A branched off to Camak, GA, with the distance from Sylvania to Camak being listed as 144.8 miles.

I also referred to Robert C. Black III's "Railroads of the Confederacy", originally published in 1952, reprinted in 1987. There is a large foldout map in the back. However, the line running from Savannah to Millen is shown as the "Central RR of Georgia". The line turns west at Millen and makes it's way to Macon. At Millen, a connection is shown with the Augusta & Savannah. I should note that this map shows lines as of June 1, 1861 and does not include any lines constructed after the beginning of hostilities. (Unfortunately, a check of the index does not include any references to Ardmore.)

Julie-If you're interested in Ardmore during the War Between The States (or Civil War, depending on your perspective :wink: ) may I suggest the Yahoo Civil War Railroads group. You'll find them at:


There are some very knowledgeable individuals who could help you much more than me. Good luck!
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  by Julie
To Art and Acl

Y'all are great. By the way, I'm a grandma, hardly a young lady...

I'm a history buff and a genealogy nut. My brother owns the property known as Armore. I took pictures today.

If you'd like to continue this history, perhaps we should exchange emails and not burden the forum.

I have some great pictures.


  by Julie
I'm Julie at

[email protected]

If I just gave my address to the world, then I'll change it.

  by Aa3rt
Julie-take a look at the top of the screen-you do have the option to send and receive private messages without revealing your email address. In fact, I sent one in the last couple of hours. It should say "You have one new message" or something to that effect.

  by Julie
You guys make an old lady happy.

I'm trying to send the pix of Ardmore, but it ain't happin'