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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by OCtrainguy
The American Public Transportation Association will be holding their conference starting on Sunday in Atlantic City. The Colorado DMU car is supposed to be there. Don't know what else is scheduled to be there.
  by chuchubob
A River LINE car is also supposed to be there, as well as URHS's PRR GP9 #7000 and food car Alex DeCroce, currently on lease to the CMSL. I heard that Tony Macrie of the CMSL wanted to take a Budd RDC, too, to pose with the Colorado Railcar DMU, but was turned down because of lack of space at the AC terminal.

The DMU is reportedly travelling from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg on Thursday and to 30th Street Station on Friday on Keystone train #608.

  by njt4172

Will this equipment be accessible to photograph on Sunday? Or are the Atlantic City station platforms off limits due to the event?

  by chuchubob

I intend to find out. I plan to take a train to AC on Sunday afternoon and see what I can see from the platform as I exit the train. I hope to see the equipment before the official display time (3:30 to 5:45) without causing a stir.


  by TR-00
Use extreme caution, Bob, the terminal will be crawling with bosses and cops, anxious to show their superiors what a great job they are doing.

Not surprised that Tony won't be there. Especially after his last foray into the terminal. He put on quite a show trying to convince everyone within sight that "somebody" had put a dent in one of his junkers.

  by nick11a
Good luck Bob! If I wasn't so busy, I would go down myself by rail. That could take quite a while though but it would be worth it.
  by OCtrainguy
I plan to utilize NJT into Atlantic City as well on Sunday. One may be able to take a few quick photos as you would leave the train without causing too much of a stir. Another option, what about the grade crossing just before the station. If I remember correctly, there is a sidewalk there. That could be another option for a quick photo.

  by CRRNJ878
As mentioned, there will be a River LINE car down in A.C., will it move under its own power down the AC line and what would be its route to get onto the AC line.. Pardon my ignorance on this one..

  by TR-00
Most likely, it will enter CR's "new connection" (built in 1970) at Pennsauken, move south on the Pennsauken Industrial and enter the AC line at Westfield Avenue. Interestingly, it will require 3 full crews: one on their own line, one CR crew and one NJT crew.

  by GandyDancer
TR-00 said: Interestingly, it will require 3 full crews
TR, are the "foreign" crews trained in the operation of the DMU and do they actually operate the unit or do they merely need to be present in the cab for their rules and physical aspects knowledge?

  by TR-00
According to the rules, our crews are supposed to operate. However, since we have never been trained on the equipment, they will probably have one of their scab motormen run. Without a doubt, there will be supervisors galore on board, and a Form D will have to be issued to cover speeds, clearances, etc. I'm guessing the moves will be made at night when no other trains are on the line.

It would be a lot quicker and easier to tow it.

  by Mudvalve
scab motormen? TR-00, are the RiverLINE operators union?

  by TR-00
Riverline motormen are non-union SCABS.
  by OCtrainguy
Went down to Atlantic City for the afternoon to enjoy the weather we had today. I took the train from Absecon into Atlantic City on train 4611 (11:09 a.m. arrival), and it was rather crowded. As we were pulling into the terminal, new NJT F40s 270 & 311 were there, along with the DMU car, and ALP46 4612. As we exited our train, there was a NJT police officer on the platform. I asked the officer, who followed the last group of people to the lobby, about the first two platforms, where the equipment to be on display was stored, and he said that those platforms were closed due to the conference starting at 3:30 p.m. I think my son, who is five, took a quick photo with his little camera of the 4612 as my wife and I were talking to the police officer. I did get a few photos from our train. After spending several hours on the beach and boardwalk we headed back to catch train 4618, with a 3:38 pm. departure. We got there just after 3:00 p.m. and a large portion of the waiting area was closed off for the APTA welcome party, which caused some confusion on the passengers awaiting for train 4618. There were about six NJT police officers there, which is the most I have ever seen at the Altantic City station. They stood outside of the doors of Platforms 1 & 2, which is where the equipment was and were the passengers were to exit to get to platform four for our train. I was able to take a few more photos from our train as it departed the station. As we were leaving, I did see a Septa MU car, the NJT coaches, the DMU and the two F40s. I did not see the GP9 or one of the riverline cars, but they obviously could have been out of my site.