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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

Moderator: David

  by Irish Chieftain
Riverline motormen are non-union
Subject to change depending on how nicely SNJLRG-LLC treats 'em, of course. I'm sure some recall what happened at 21st Century Rail once their management failed to deliver on promised raises...

  by transit383
Is it wise to have the River Line car operate under its own power into Atlantic City? IIRC, there were a few politicians that had the crazy idea of converting the ACL into a light rail operation. This is just playing right into that.

  by TR-00
Exactly what would be gained by converting the AC line to light rail? For a few well connected state legislators and the light rail consortiums, there would be billions to gain...yes billions. For the taxpayer and riders, nothing would be gained.

Yes. the AC line loses 10 million a year. At that rate, the money spent on the conversion would allow the present line to operate debt free for 40 years.

  by Irish Chieftain
AC Line converted to light rail equals:
  • No more service to Philadelphia (where to, Camden?)
  • Slower speeds (down from 80 mph, to 60 max if you're lucky)
  • No bathrooms on trains
  • Less comfortable ride
  • FRA time-share waivers that would restrict freight ops
  • Large capital expenditure to convert high platforms to low
  • Higher overhead what with different company operating LRT service
  • No union representation for motormen
IIRC, though, there was a mix-up in semantics; what was really meant was that NJT and state politicians were looking to convert the AC line to FRA DMU operation as opposed to operating short trains with a large locomotive.