• Anybody Know the Typical Maintenance Schedule for CR Trains?

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  by villager
Hi- I grew up riding the MBTA and am working on a policy piece about commuter rail. In Nashville, TN, the nation's newest Commuter Rail line, is being done on the super-cheap by sharing maintenance facilities with a freight rail operator.

Does anybody here know how often a standard Commuter Rail train with 4-5 cars and a loco needs servicing and/or refueling?


  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
the only info i know is that after several runs, MBTA sets go to the Southampton St. yard, i assume for a quick service chekc and fuel, but i dont' know, maybe CSX conductor or sery can better answer this

  by CN_Hogger
I know that the BNSF Metra service, most of the engines are serviced everyday and coaches cleaned twice a day, once at Chicago and once at Aurora. But than this is when I worked on the 6 years ago, things might have changed.

  by slchub
Well your motors have to be inspected daily by either the engineer or mechanical for federal reasons. Then every 90 days the motors have to be inspected by mechanical forces. Major inspections and overhauls are required as well but I not sure of the time line/miles run. Thus the reason for Nashville to contract this work out to another RR.

You'll find this as well in the airline industry. All of your aircraft have to undergo various checks on a time line and hours of service. The smaller carriers can handle the A and B checks as they call them, but will fly their aircraft to either a contract company or to another major airline's maintenance facility for their C and D checks. This way it cuts back on the number of maintenance personnel they need on hand as well as maintenance facilities.

  by MBTA3247
The major inspections for the trailer cars are 180-day, 1-year, 2-year, and 4-year. Cab cars also have 90-day inspections. Locos have all that plus 45-day inspections. On top of that there's unscheduled repairs.

I don't know what the schedule is for cleaning out the trainsets and fueling locomotives, but I can find out.