• Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by geep39
The RCT&HS will be running train trips Sat. July 10, and Sun July 11.

Trips will be leaving from Temple station at 2, 4, 6 PM
Ice cream will be served on the train
Fares: Adult- $10.00 Child-$5.00 (coach seating)
Adult- $20.00 Child-$10.00 (LV caboose seating)

Power will be NW-2 #103 and C-424 5204 (push-pull style)

  by bwparker1
More detailed location info please.

  by geep39
Temple is north of Reading. From I-78, take PA-61 south. Go about 10 miles (I think). Cross over US 222 to second traffic light. (large red church on right, cemetery on left).
Turn left, cross first set of tracks, left into station parking lot.

Trips will run from Temple to Leesport

  by RS-3
Is there a schedule of trips for the rest of the year anywhere? (The RCT&HS official site hasn't been updated since January and its schedule is "announcing" last year's trips.)

And any idea when "soon" might be re painting the 5204?

I hope to make my first visit this fall. Looking forward to it.:-)


  by geep39
These trips (and the ones in June) were kind of "last minute" with approval of the RBMN. There was a hassle with insurance involved also.

Hopefully, there will be more, and I'll post them when available.

As for painting anything, that is going to wait until RCT&HS can get into
the South Hamburg shop building. The brush is so overgrown on the line
that it would be rather futile to paint something, only to have it all scratched on its trip back from South Hamburg. There are a number of items close to being painted, such as baggage car 1815, GP35 3640, and extended vision caboose 94116. I think painting 5204 is a little way off.

Hope you'll come out and support the trips!

  by Urban D Kaye
Here's a pic of Alco power @ Temple Station...