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  by NW_611
On the advice of Mr. Vondrak, this is cross-posted (with revisions) from another part of the overall board.

Is anyone here a member of the aforementioned AART&HTA? I've been doing some poking about into the Annie and was curious about opinions or experiences with the group. While we're at it, how are their calendars?

Thanks for any responses.
  by jimnorthwood
I am not a member of the organization; however, I lived in AA during college days 25 years ago and I used to enjoy their monthly slide shows. A couple of years ago I happened to bump into some of the guys while trackside in Fostoria, OH. We exchanged pleasantries. A good group of folks.
  by railohio
I have to ask, Jim, are you confusing the Ann Arbor trainwatchers club with the Ann Arbor Railroad Hysterical Society? I've never heard of the later doing monthly slide shows, but I know of members in the former and of their regular slide shows.
  by jimnorthwood

I believe you are right, ie we are talking about two different groups. When I lived in AA nearly 25 years ago the slide show group used to meet in the basement of a Presbyterian church on Friday night (I think). Ann Arbor Train and Trolley Watchers or something along those lines, was that the name? In any event I did bump into some of those same guys in Fostoria a couple of years ago, and we actually recognized each other, if not by name. Too bad I botched the name of the group here--lots of water goes under/over the bridge in 25 years :wink:
  by Otto Vondrak
he Ann Arbor Railroad Technical & Historical Society was incorporated on August 3, 1978 by Dave Mueller, Duane Sumner, and Don Wilson. It continued under that name for several years, but went through a reorganization in the early 1980's and was renamed The Ann Arbor Railroad Technical & Historical Association. It continues under that name today... The Quarterly is a newsletter that was published to communicate timely information to the membership about functions within the associations, as well as current railroad activity in the Ann Arbor Railroad and the Tuscola Saginaw Bay Railway systems. The Double A is a historical journal published at least once per year and contains detailed articles featuring prototype information, drawings, maps, equipment diagrams and modeling information of interst to the Ann Arbor Railroad historians and modelers.

Sounds like all you need to join is the will to send them $20!
  by NW_611
Otto Vondrak wrote:Sounds like all you need to join is the will to send them $20!
That's true; I was going to see if anyone had opinions on whether sending the check was a good idea or not.

Thanks to everyone for the responses.