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General discussion of computer gaming and railroad simulations. Topics include MS Train Simulator (MSTS), Auran Trainz, Railroad Tycoon, Railroad Dispatcher and more...

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  by Tobyhanna
Hi. I have developed a phone app for Android based smartphones, called Georeader, that could be of interest to you. The app allows you to write a text message about any topic and place it on a map of the world. When you near that area, the app will read aloud the message. (Please check out the website www.mygeoreader.com as it will make more sense). Right now it contains info on thousands of historical markers , historical building and bridges. Anyhow, being an avid rail fan, I have (just) started to enter points along the NYS thruway about former and current rail lines that intersect the highway. Each point has a little info on the rail line, where it goes or went, and if can ever find it,abandonment dates. The goal would be when you drove down the highway and crossed over a weed covered roadbed or active rail line, the app would tell you a short bit of information about it. The app range is pretty much world wide so this process could certainly be applied anywhere. If you would like to use the app in this manner and log the rail lines in your area, it is certainly encouraged. The app is free so there is nothing to lose. (Search the market for Georeader)
  by RussNelson
Kewl! Are you pulling the Thruway intersections out of the posting over in New York State Railfan? Boy, I could have used this app over the weekend. http://blog.russnelson.com/railroads/best-day-evar.html except that I buzzed right past the line to Restof.

Is the application open source also?
  by Tobyhanna
Hi, (Sorry I took so long to respond) yes i snagged a few from there to start and added some text from what I though was relevant. I am not sure what you mean by being open sourced though. Its free if that is what you mean and anybody can make a talking point. Let me know if this answers your question.
  by RussNelson
I just found out about OSMAnd, which lets you download map data and display it. I've been busy for the last three years adding all of New York State's railroads to http://OpenStreetMap.org/ . OSMAnd is in the market (you have to pay a few bucks for a current version), or you can just download the current version off of the developer's website. It's very easy to use and shows you all sorts of interesting things.
  by Tobyhanna
Hi guys. I would like to just reiterate my earlier offer to use the app I created (Georeader) to help educate others about railroad history, notify users of rail beds and old right of ways, or tell folks where the tracks goand who owns them etc. I did drive down the NYS thruway today (Syracuse to Buffalo)and the app was very informative about the railroads that cross and parallel it.I also have added some info about the trains at Central Square railroad museum . I will try to add some more info as I find things out. I also released an iphone version of Georeader so iphone folks won't be left out. The website is still http://www.mygeoreader.com. Wouldn't it be cool if you could drive all over New York State and hear about the stories of the railroads spoken to you when you drive by them? Collectively, this could become a reality. The apps work great, now it just need more railroad info past or present added to the dataset. Please feel free to contribute, you don't even need a smartphone as you can add points right from the website. You just need to know a fact about the railroad site and where the site is on a map. That's it. There is lots more info on the site on how it works or just email me [email protected] if you have any questions. Dave