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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by njtmnrrbuff
Unless if I know that I will be in a rush ahead of time when I need to use the Springfield Line, I will generally take one of the 400 series trains. Since I would be coming from NYC, I will often take Metro North.

Those numerical comparisons about boarding the Vermonters are interesting. The Windsor Locks station has potential be be much better than what it is. Having a bus shelter station isn't very appealing toward rail travelers, especially the ones who might need a place to take cover for when it rains. I don't know how many people who use that station when they are catching a flight out of Bradley but I have a feeling that it might not be many. Maybe there are people who might be coming from the New Haven area who would take the train to the plane. I know that eventually a new station is supposed to be built closer to Downtown Windsor Locks.
  by bratkinson
Based on what I've seen at Windsor Locks the many times I've boarded or deboarded there, at the heaviest, 12-15 passengers boarding, and about the same numbers deboarding. Usually on/from one of the 'through' trains, 141 or 148. Mid-day numbers perhaps 8-10 each...from the various shuttle trains. The Vermonter is about the same. Surprisingly, the Vermonter appears to have good 'north of Springfield' traffic to/from Windsor Locks.

I was expecting to see a fairly full parking lot at Windsor Locks once the CTRail started up. But there doesn't appear to be a noticeable difference, at least as of train 141 and 148 last Tuesday. I'll make it a point to look closely next time I go south on I-91 mid-day. Perhaps the commuters still prefer the park and ride lot 100 yards away on the other side of I-91. The number of cars overnight in the parking lot holds fairly steady at 10-15, from what I've seen.

Surprisingly, or not so, the number of taxis or hotel vans I've seen there both dropping off or picking up passengers is quite small. Maybe 1 ever 5-6 times in or out of WL. I'm sure the taxi drivers from Bradley Airport grumble and complain about getting a short haul and then have to go back to the airport and wait another 2-4 hours for their next fare.
  by shadyjay
Did a roundtrip this past weekend, Waterbury VT to New Haven CT. A few observations:

Southbound, 7/20:
Still a few slow orders on the CV from Waterbury to Windsor, including a pretty substantial one just outside Waterbury, heading south. Most others seemed to be due to proximity of rock ledges to the tracks.
*???* Still brand-new turned signal heads in Holyoke... is there supposed to be more track laid here at some point? Plenty of room for it! *???*
Not bad timing into SPG, 13 minutes late inbound and 3 minutes outbound.
NB Vermonter (late) passed us on the Windsor Locks-Windsor siding. We took the #2 track and proceeded without delay while they passed us heading north on #1.
Right on the advertised leaving Meriden, then...
Slow going through North Haven, due to a broken down CTRail train on #1 track. Good thing there was an interlocking for us to switch to the #2 track. We boarded their passengers across from the coaling tower at Cedar Hill. Then stopped at
State Street, then New Haven, arriving there 24 min down, just as my Shore Line East train was departing.

Northbound, 7/23:
Late arrival into NHV, 26min. Front coach was removed. 37min late in departing.
Delays increased as we continued, topping 58 min late into Windsor Locks, partially due to having to take the siding (Windsor-Windsor Locks) for the SB to pass.
51 min late into SPG, 35 min late departing, due to a 20 min scheduled stop reduced to 4 min.
No delay crossing the CSX diamond.
Love the "racetrack" between Northampton and Greenfield. Phone GPS recorded a good distance of 79MPH running on the tangent.
Evidence of work to double-track, Deerfield-Greenfield. No work yet to double-track the Deerfield River bridge, but some new track laid north of it.
Also no work yet on expanding the Northampton or Greenfield platforms. I believe this contract was just awarded, or funded, or something of that nature.
Always seems like there's less slow orders heading north!

Arrival into WAB was 36 min down. Not too bad, but could've been better. Can't blame NECR for issues that happen off their railroad, but they could tackle some of their slow orders. A few of them have been going on for a couple years now.
Also, the refurbished Amfleets (with the new seats) have made their way into the entire consist (NB) and at least a few cars (SB - didn't walk the entire train).
  by lordsigma12345
I believe Northfield is only one of a few locations where this work will be done. The other locations have similar rockfaces close to the track and also had slow orders added after the accident.
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