• Amtrak service proposed: Reading, PA to Philadelphia and NYC

  • Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.
Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by rcthompson04
I did a pretty detailed breakdown on the more generic expansion thread that can be found here. post1578788.html#p1578788

I don't think this is an "infrastructure" heavy project and might be an easy one to accomplish as a lot of the infrastructure is already in place seeing most of the stations are already there and have amble parking (except King of Prussia which is a new station build). My biggest concern is how do they intend to run passenger service between the Zoo and Bridgeport. I am not sure passenger service has ever ran on that line and there are some potential bottlenecks (specifically the CSX section from Zoo to NS Harrisburg Line).
  by 93r8g7
Not Amtrak's job to provide service to Reading. More federal over-reach by an completely incompetent agency. SEPTA is to provide any and all expansion in PA, as it's a de-facto State Agency. The way SEPTA always seems to have it's paws out for more federal dollars is back-stabbingly disgusting. Harrisburg appropriates a certain level of dollars to SEPTA and it can't seem to just make due, cut exec pay, or challenge the goons for the far left; the unions. The Berks County COC and this Weidenhammer guy are goons for Amtrak over-reach as well. We are run by fools. The system hasn't been expanded in over 30 years and that's 100 percent the fault of slow-walking, styming, and foot-dragging at 1234 Market, being as they want to run a bus company. All these people need to be fired. But that won't happen without greater oversight from Harrisburg.

Again, not Amtrak's job to provide this service. Nor is it the fed's position to insert themselves in the business of individuals simply looking to get to their state capitol, or up to Reading. Once you hand those keys to the feds it's near impossible to claw it back to where it rightfully belongs - local control.