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  by STrRedWolf
Maverickstation1 wrote: Fri Jan 28, 2022 6:12 am The snow storm in Greater Boston has been upgraded with a Blizzard Warning now in place for the weekend. The heaviest snow is predicted to be following a path hugging the Route 95/NEC Corridor.

https://www.bostonglobe.com/2022/01/26/ ... ter-storm/
Got word from my friend up in Boston. Local stations are saying 2+ feet now, 30" in places. On example:

https://boston.cbslocal.com/2022/01/28/ ... setts-wbz/

Expanding the scope a bit, DC will be hit lightly with 1-3 inches, with heavier amounts starting in Philadelphia. There's no word on any adjustments or cancellations, but I bet they'll come rolling in between noon and 6pm.
  by Railjunkie
Got the phone call last night from the crew caller AMT48 cancelled to NYP 1/29/22 job modified to a protect. Not sure yet about the rest of the Empire service.
  by STrRedWolf
Just to verify, Empire Service outside Penn Station is diesel service, right?

Weather Underground for NYC is showing constant snow Friday afternoon through Sunday. Maybe nobody's on the 48 and they're canceling the 49 NYP to ALB the next Sunday... I'm assuming you're based in Albany.
  by Railjunkie
Empire service only uses electric (3rd rail) into Penn and that is only for a short distance, less than a mile. Otherwise its all diesel and the weather in upstate NY is calling for 1 to 3 inches of snow. I figure its account of Sunnyside not being able to handle the snow.
Yes I am based out of Albany
  by Maverickstation1
Here are the cancellations for 1/29.

Amtrak has published its cancellations/modifications due to the 1/29 winter storm. I was supposed to take the Cardinal eastbound yesterday but canceled because of the weather. My would-be return flights have already been canceled with no alternatives unless I got off before PHL so looks like I made the right call.

Saturday, January 29:
All Acela Service (operating between Washington, D.C. and Boston) is cancelled
All Northeast Regional Service between Boston and New York is cancelled
Limited Northeast Regional Service between New York and Washington, D.C. and points south.
Lakeshore Limited trains 49/449 (operating between Chicago and New York) are cancelled
All Springfield Shuttle service between New Haven and Greenfield, Mass. is cancelled
Limited Downeaster Service (operating between Brunswick, Maine to Boston)
Limited Empire Service (operating between New York and Albany)
Limited Keystone Service will operate between Philadelphia and Harrisburg ONLY
Carolinian/Piedmont train 80 (operating between Charlotte and New York) will terminate in Washington, D.C.
Palmetto train 90 (operating between New York and Savannah, Ga.) will terminate in Washington, D.C.
  by STrRedWolf
https://www.amtrak.com/alert/modified-s ... storm.html tells more.

Friday (Today): Lake Shore Limited from Chicago canceled.

  • No Acella.
  • No service between Boston & NYC, including Vermonter and Springfield Shuttles.
  • Limited Downeaster & Empire services.
  • Limited Regional from NYC south.
  • Keystone truncates between Harrisburg and Philadelphia.
  • Palmetto and Carolinian truncates in Washington DC.
  • Canceled: Regional 150, 160; Downeaster 690
  • Truncated: Regional 195, 99 starts from NYP; Carolinian 79 starts from WAS.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Surprised that the Auto Train 52(29) is scheduled to operate.

Presently, Wash is only forecasted for 1-2", but if those arriving passengers start driving Northward, look what they are expected to run into.

Someone will be blaming Amtrak for not being "Nanny" - and doing so at Foley Square.
  by lordsigma12345
Mr. Norman,

Auto train has 90% full trains tomorrow and Sunday and Monday I’m guessing that’s the reason and all rooms at top buckets - nowhere to accommodate all those folks if they cancel the train tomorrow! 91 Silver Star is also on for tomorrow.
  by kitchin
The #90 is terminating at WAS. Others are terminating at NYP. Metro North is running limited GCT to New Haven and on its other lines. The coastal blizzard warnings start north of New Haven.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Mr. Lord "something's up" with 53(29).

Train Status shows "information not available"; same for 52(28). They just might have scrubbed both of them.

But 91(29) shows OT departure - 1102A - from NYP; I guess Amtrak figures "it can outrun" the "Neige".

I haven't yet talked to my friend in Fredericksburg to see how badly she and her three pups got hit - the latter just love snow events.
  by kitchin
52(28) is in Northern Virginia now. No weather warnings in that area.
  by Gilbert B Norman
Mr. Kitchn, evidently you have other sources than Train Status; that still shows no report for 52(28).

Yes, Amtrak's liability ends when the transportation contract is complete, or when the passenger slides behind the wheel at Lorton. But in this litigious world where anything bad is someone else's fault, somebody "gets in trouble" driving North today, and somebody will be looking for redress from "deep pockets" Amtrak.
  by kitchin
I saw 52(28) on Virtual Railfan Youtube live in Ashland.

Yeah, I'm mystified by the status maps and tables available for Amtrak service. There seem to be four, not always accurate:
* https://www.amtrak.com/services/maps.trainlocation.html
* https://asm.transitdocs.com/
* https://railrat.net/
* http://dixielandsoftware.net/
On the latter, even if the map does not show the Autotrain, you can tweak the URL, as such: http://www.dixielandsoftware.net/cgi-bi ... &selday=28

Amtrak Twitter alerts are also incomplete, especially overnight. On the other hand, most transit services don't have real-time maps, or relegate them to cellphone apps.
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