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  by steve coraggio
Hello ,
My two previous messages of May 22, and 24, 2006 concerning this area may have been somewhat unclear. I will try to make it clearer.
Just past MP3 , only visible from trackside there is a foundation of some type of railroad structure near this mile post. I have looked in the April 1936 PRR timetable No. 24 for the NY Division , which shows a siding for the J.R. Such Siding, pg 239( in the time table this is listed under South Amboy Jct. to Minson . I know that the Amboy Secondary prior to April 16, 1930 had been under under the Trenton Division, and on that date it was merged into the NY Division of the PRR. If anyone has a CT 1000E for the Eastern Region and any information as to what this structure may have been . I know the Camden & Amboy was mergerd into the PRR in 1871 , so from that time forward to 1929 for this information would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you for any inforamtion and help
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  by steve coraggio
This area near MP 3 was called 'ERNSTON" I have seen this listed in documents sent to me by a friend and in a railorad atlas of the Northeast. Also I have two pictures to post here one is of the foundation, and the second is a silver box (signal relay)
The foundation is trackside on the Amboy Secondary, in Sayreville, NJ, southwest of the intersection of Bordentown Avenue and Ernston Road. The foundation is overgrown with grass/shrubs/ trees so it is hard to see from the road, and it is almaost across from the Madison PArk First Aid Squad Building (landmark). I estimate this foundation may have been for a small signal tower to control train movements. Also near Ernston is MP3, was J.R. Such's Siding was close to this area as well, it connected and ran parallel to Ernston Road and crossed over Washington Road is and connected with the RRRR.
I am referring to the Amboy Secondary which was owned by the PRR and prior it was the C&A. Again with limited information and estimating this building may have been in operatrion sometimew in the 1800's and into the 1900's.
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