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  by nyandw
East Hampton "AG" siding in Amagansett - View E 1977?
1966 LIRR map "AG" passing siding east of station

Anyone with further details, photos, info? Thanks!
  by Teutobergerwald
Never knew about this wreck until this post. Any casualties? How long was the 250 out of service after this, and the coaches? Is there still a siding at Amagansett, and is hand-thrown or controlled elsewhere? Thanks.
  by FrankAndCindy
Dear Sir, I believe there is still a siding in Amagansett. Not sure if it is controlled or not. thank you Frank and Cindy.
  by krispy
nyandw wrote:No siding via Google Satellite...
Look east of the crossing on the map, that's where the siding is. AG's siding is signaled but the switches are hand-thrown. Helpful for moving track cars, etc. given how long the SN-MY block is.
  by gamer4616
Amagansett has non-interlocked home signals. The signals don't correspond to the switches. They basically break up the block, so it isn't one big block from SH to MY. The switches there are now electric lock switches.

You did see the siding used for meets and storing trains, in the final days of dark territory. Since the cutover, no revenue trains have been in the siding. It was used for storing trains during the US Open golf tournament in 2018, and I'm sure the PTC test train (1 Cab car and a DE engine) used the siding for testing. Other than that, you would only see the siding used if needed for track work, sperry testing, etc...
  by Bad Luck
The photographer is facing west, looking at an eastbound train.

A good rule of thumb, for the EMD era at least, is to first assume a train is heading east if a GP38-2 is on point. More often than not, that was the case, though there certainly were regular instances where the 38's lead west as well.
  by nyandw
I'm confused as the Google 3D shows the high tension towers on the southside of the tracks. This was make the view E , yes?
  by vince
The sun angle offers an important clue!

  by Bad Luck
The high tension poles are on the north side of the tracks, as shown below. Also note that the more beat up siding is in the foreground of the original image, as compared to the main in the background (not that it was much better in those days).

  by freightguy
Wow the class unit of the GP38-2 LIRR order engine 250 was probably not even a year old?
  by Bad Luck
No problem.

There's some bad juju with brand new class units. The 100 hit the dirt drilling in LIC, so early that the EMD paint must have still been wet..