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Forum for the discussion of Alstom Transport. Their official web-site is here: Alstom Transport

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  by WNYRailfan
How much business does the Alstom facility in Hornell, NY do? I know they build cars for the subway systems in New York City and Chicago. What else?

Is the Alstom facility railfan friendly?

I do not think anyone can deny that Hornell, NY was a railroad town.
Has Alstom and Norfolk Southern brought the spark (cinder, fuel, etc.) back into the rail community in Hornell?

How much of the Alstom facility is former Erie Railroad property?
All of it?

Who owns the former Erie Railroad station in Hornell? Alstom?


  by DutchRailnut
currently Alstom is rebuilding cars for MARTA in atlanta
building Comet V's for NJT and MNCR, starting PL42ac diesel locomtive production for NJT, plus starting new cars for NYCTA.
if cars are outside there are a few good places to picture them but no way to even peek into factory.
yes the station is occupied with offices of alstom or will be.

  by joshuahouse
Alstom has moved into the station, still no sign of the small museum that was supposed to be in there as well. I was in Hornell last thursday (march 18th) hoping to get to see a train come off of the WNYP but no such luck. They seem to be having any trains that are in the hole wait by the overpass (I think maple st?) but that may have been due to the MoW work going on to repair after the derailment on the 15th. One really bad thing about Hornell is that most of the town is on one side of the tracks, but the only super market thats in walking distance is on the other. People in hornell generally know there way around trains, and they have to slow down anyway because of the plant, but it really is an accident waiting to happen. I don't think i have ever seen a person walk over the overpass to get to the market.

  by nydepot
You'll find signs that say "No Pedestrians" on the bridge. Just north of the highway bridge is the subway. It is an underground crossing of the railroad. It's wide and lit. Used to be fun to ride your bike through it. As kids, we ignored the "Please walk your bicycyle" sign. Many cross using this. Going to school, we crossed at the asphalt walk CR created at the station.

I bet you'll find most walking right across the tracks though.


  by nydepot
As for Erie Property, you'll find all of the property at the shops was Erie. The space east of there in the old yards was also Erie. In North Hornell, the space along Rt. 36 was vacant land and PS&N RR "Shawmut" property.


  by joshuahouse
I've never even thought of walking over the bridge, I live up in Bath, so whenever i'm in Hornell I have a car with me. Something I have wondered about though, is the current "subway" where the old one from the turn of the 20th century was? (That would be fun to ride your bike thru tho)

  by nydepot
Yes, the subway is the original one, although rebuilt. The trolley used to go under there to continue down Canisteo St. to Canisteo, NY.