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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Canada. For specific railroad questions, see Fallen Flags and Active Railroads categories.

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  by Jeff Smith
Copying over some posts from the NJT thread: http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 25#p962025

Thanks to user Rotax:
Rotax wrote:User montreal_goalie on metrodemontreal.com/forum (a forum about public transit in Montreal) saw AMT 1350 in testing at Sunnybrooke station (Deux-Montagnes line) yesterday, with 6 Multilevel cars.



The author of the pictures said he was too far from the locomotive to hear it. However, he said the train was moving slowly and we clearly see in the second picture that the pantograph is down. The locomotive was probably running with its diesel engines.

Here is the link to see the picture in their original size : http://www.metrodemontreal.com/forum/vi ... 887#192887
Rotax wrote:User AMTFan1 on metrodemontreal.com/forum posted two videos of AMT's first ALP-45DP (#1350) being tested on the Deux-Montagnes line, running with its diesel engines.



I believe these are the first videos of an ALP-45DP running under its own power.
  by morris&essex4ever
Anyone know approximately when AMT will start using the ALP 45 in revenue service?
  by Rotax
morris&essex4ever wrote:Anyone know approximately when AMT will start using the ALP 45 in revenue service?
AMT's ALP-45DP's should enter revenue service in november at the earliest (il all the testing goes well).
  by Montrealrail
I get it yesterday on Montreal sub,with some nice views..
in video,for the first time,we can ear the horn of the locomotive

and pictures from the front and the back

  by Rotax
AMT 1352 and 1353 arrived at Port Newark recently according to AMT Facebook page (AMT 1351 is in Vienna for Climate testing).

Also, AMT 1355 has been caught at Hamburg.



Source : http://www.eisenbahn-kurier.de/startsei ... n-verladen

Looks like mass production has begun! :D
  by ProchaineStation
Very nice pictures. I have seen them on the st.hilaire line
  by atsf sp
AMT sure likes having a lot of horns on their engines and cars.
  by Ken V
Apparently the redundant horns are necessary because noise abatement bylaws prevent testing them before the start of a run.
  by Montrealrail
Actually all of the ALP45DP are out of service,on december 9, the 1353 or the 1352(not sure witch one) have derailled while entering Central station..
since this time,we have 11 ALP45DP and keep receiving some more,but we can't ride them,cause we have to wait after 'Transport security office" investigation..

but they very slow and most of the time,it take severals month for an answer..

My own conclusion,the track was unable to support the weight of the engine and spreaded out under it..
Locomotive are to heavy for the tracks..
the track on main line are 130 pnds a foot,enough to make ride the ALP45DP without any trouble..but in the station,it's not the same,track could be only 80 pnds by foot or 100 pnds a foot..and the weight of the locomotive are 131 Tons,compared to a P42PC that is 122 Tons.
To resolve this problem,we have simply to improve the track and add concerte ties,instead of wooden ties..
  by Montrealrail
some new about ALP45DP

AMT start back test on track last week end,I saw 2 ALP45DP and few multi level coach near MMC,probably they do some more test to see the tracks efficience with those locomotives...
  by AMTFan1

I'm a new member in this forum, AMTFan1! I'm also a member of the Canadian forum of public transit: http://metrodemontreal.com/forum

Since I've learn that the NJT's ALP-45DP are in revenue service, I would like to inform you about what is happening here, in Montreal, with our own ALP-45DP locomotives which belong to the AMT (Agence Métropoloitaine de Transport, the agency that runs the commuter trains in Montreal).

First of all, as you might all know, all the AMT's dual-power locomotives were removed from service since the derailment of AMT #1352 in Montreal Central Station last December. But also, no more testing has occurred with them since that incident. An investigation has taken place by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSBC).

But from what I've read in this forum, some recent testing, supervised by the TSBC, has occurred last March in Central Station with AMT #1350 & #1353 combined with 9 multi-levels in order to determine the cause of the derailment of unit #1352. During testing, many defects were found on the tracks of Central Station and those defects are most probably the reason why AMT #1352 has tilted inside Central Station.

After testing, the maintenance team, which is under the responsibility of CN (Canadian National), has done several repairs on the tracks in order to allow them to support the weight of the ALP-45DP and increase their safety degree. Some other repairs seem to have occurred on the Deux-Montagnes train line since the majority of all the testing with the ALP-45DP's in diesel and electric mode has occurred on this train line.

The other thing you might need to know is that the majority of all the train tracks that are used by the AMT in Montreal for their train service belongs to CN and CP (Canadian Pacific). So the reason why all the ALP-45DP were no longer tested or on duty might be because CN has forbidden their use since the derailment.

Recently, three days ago, one of the members in the forum, Martrain, has learned that it appears CN has given the authorization to the AMT to continue the tests with the ALP-45DP and put them back on duty since it seems that the preliminary report of the TSBC has been released with some of the results of the investigation. But this information still has to be confirmed since we are not completely sure about it. But the release of this news coincide with the first day of revenue service of the NJT's ALP-45DP. It appears that NJT was also waiting the release of the report from the TSBC and see if CN will give the authorization to the AMT.

But still, we are hopping to see the AMT's ALP-45DP back on the tracks soon. If everything is alright, we might see them back in two weeks at least for more testing. :)

You can see all the discussion on this link even if it's in french: http://metrodemontreal.com/forum/viewto ... 407#210407

Until now unit #1350 to #1367 were all delivered to the AMT and currently stored in the yard. There are only 2 more units left to be delivered (#1368 & #1369).

You can see all the video of the AMT'S ALP-45DP during testing or on duty in the playlist I've created on Youtube, "AMT ALP-45DP":

http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL ... ature=plcp
  by AMTFan1
AMT 1368 & 1369 have finally arrived to Montreal which means that all ALP-45DP have been delivered to the AMT. But still none of unit #1350 to #1369 are on duty... But it seems that some testing might restart soon after having been stored in the yard after many months since it has been confirmed that CN has given it authorization to the AMT to put them back on duty and do some testing...
  by AMTFan1

today, a report has been broadcasted on TV and some news reporters have obtained a copy of a report about the investigation made by the AMT and CN concerning the derailment of AMT 1352. It's not the report from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSBC) but it reveals many things:

- The lateral forces made by the ALP-45DP on the rails are much more greater than a conventional diesel locomotive that it could use the rails much more quickly;

- The CN tracks are too old and deteriorated to support the stress and the weight of the ALP-45DP;

- The report recommend to visually inspect the tracks twice a week to prevent further derailment;

- CN has forbid during the past few months the use of the ALP-45DP specifically because of this issue;

- During this time, the AMT is losing money because they still have to rent old, less fuel efficient, diesel locomotives, and it seems that it will still be the case for the next months;

- Seems that the train tracks we have actually in Montreal are only good for some 30-40 years old, less fuel efficient, diesel locomotives that are now only good for the museum... :(

To me, that seems only the consequences of having prioritized only freight trains and not passenger trains since CN is a private, freight train company, so their tracks are only good for freight trains and old less fuel efficient locomotives, and not brand new, high-tech trains... :(

You can listen to this report, and read the news report about this, even if it's in French, at the following link: http://tvanouvelles.ca/lcn/infos/region ... 70256.html