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  • Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
Discussion relating to the NS operations. Official web site can be found here: NSCORP.COM.
  by delvalrailfan
130 New Orleans LA (UP)-Chattanooga TN
137 Macon GA-Irondale AL
141 Irondale AL-New Orleans LA
142 Irondale AL-Chattanooga TN
147 Cincinnati OH-Irondale AL
153 Linwood NC-Irondale AL
154 Irondale AL-Linwood NC
162 Sheffield AL-Bulls Gap TN
163 Bulls Gap TN-Sheffield AL
172 New Orleans LA-Linwood NC
173 Linwood NC-Irondale AL
178 Irondale AL-Bellevue OH
179 Bellevue OH-Irondale AL
182 McIntosh AL-Irondale AL
183 Irondale AL-McIntosh AL
186 Irondale AL-Macon GA
187 Macon GA-Irondale AL
198 New Orleans LA-Macon GA
15T Allentown PA-Irondale AL
16A Memphis TN (BNSF)-Sheffield AL
16T Irondale AL-Allentown PA
16Z Marion AR (UP)-Sheffield AL UP QNLSF
17A Sheffield AL-Memphis TN (BNSF)
17Z Sheffield AL-Marion AR (UP) UP MSFNL
314 New Orleans LA (UP)-Irondale AL UP QLINSB
320 Sheffield AL-Irondale AL
329 Irondale AL-Sheffield AL
339 Irondale AL-Meridian MS (KCS) KCS MNSJA
340 Meridian MS (KCS)-Irondale AL KCS MSHNS
341 Irondale AL-Selma AL
342 Selma AL-Irondale AL
345 Irondale AL-New Orleans LA (UP) UP MAVLI
355 Irondale AL-New Orleans LA
362 Sheffield AL-Chattanooga TN
364 Sheffield AL-Macon GA
384 Mobile AL-Irondale AL
385 Irondale AL-Mobile AL
391 Sheffield AL-Marion AR (UP) UP MSFPB
393 Irondale AL-New Orleans LA (UP) UP MNSEW

201 Rutherford PA-Rossville TN Mon-Sat
202 Rossville TN-Rutherford PA Mon-Sat
219 Atlanta GA-Meridian MS (KCS) KCS IATDA
220 Meridian MS (KCS)-Atlanta GA KCS IDAAT
225 Atlanta GA-Shreveport LA (UP) UP ZAILC/KCS IZATLA
226 Shreveport LA (UP)-Atlanta GA Thu-Tue UP ZLCAI/KCS IZLAAT
264 Memphis TN (BNSF)-Austell GA Sat-Wed BNSF QLACAUG
265 Austell GA-Memphis TN (BNSF) Tue, Thu, Sat BNSF QAUGLAC
290 McCalla AL-Croxton NJ Wed-Sun
298 New Orleans LA-Atlanta GA
22G Shreveport LA (UP)-Atlanta GA UP KLBNS/KCS IZLBNS
22N Rossville TN-Atlanta GA Tue-Sat
22Q Atlanta GA-New Orleans LA
22Z Shreveport LA (UP)-Atlanta GA UP KLCAI/KCS IZLAATX
23D Atlanta GA-Shreveport LA (UP) UP KAILC/KCS IZATLAX
23E Atlanta GA-Meridian MS (KCS) KCS IATDA2
23N Atlanta GA-Marion AR (UP) UP IMEMN
23Q Charleston SC-Rossville TN As Needed Baretables
24E Meridian MS (KCS)-Atlanta GA KCS IDAAT2
25Q Atlanta GA-Rossville TN
26Q Rossville TN-Garden City GA Wed, Fri

26A Vance AL-Brunswick GA As Needed
27A Brunswick GA-Vance AL As Needed
27G Rossville TN As Needed

A02 Rossville TN-Collierville TN
A05 Irondale AL-Parrish AL
A12 Sheffield AL-Wheeler AL
A13 Jackson AL-Thomasville AL
A14 Selma AL-Pine Hill AL
A15 Wilton AL-Calera AL
A20 Wilton AL-Irondale AL
A21 Irondale AL-Wilton AL
A22 Parrish AL-Littleton AL
A23 Irondale AL-Ensley AL
A24 Parrish AL-Haleyville AL
A30 Wilton AL-Calera AL
A33 McIntosh AL-Jackson AL
A34 McIntosh AL-Jackson AL
A37 Tuscaloosa AL-Vance AL
A38 Tuscaloosa AL-Irondale AL
A39 Bessemer AL-Vance AL
A40 Bessemer AL-Tuscaloosa AL
A42 Selma AL-Maplesville AL
A43 Anniston AL-Bremen GA
A44 Nicholson MS-New Orleans LA
A47 Nicholson MS-Slidell LA
A48 Mobile AL-McIntosh AL
A49 Hattiesburg MS-Moselle MS
A51 Hattiesburg MS-Lumberton MS
A55 Irondale AL-Tuscaloosa AL
A56 Tuscaloosa AL-Boligee AL
A57 Meridian MS-Laurel MS
A58 Tuscaloosa AL-Livingston AL
A59 Hattiesburg MS-Meridian MS
A64 Irondale AL-Anniston AL
A73 Selma AL-Spocari AL
A76 Sheffield AL-Delmar AL
A81 Decatur AL-Stevenson AL
A82 Decatur AL-Sheffield AL
A83 Sheffield AL-Iuka MS
A84 Wilton AL-Talladega AL
A85 Decatur AL-Huntsville AL
A86 Selma AL-Maplesville AL
A87 Sheffield AL-Corinth MS
A88 Decatur AL-Huntsville AL
A89 Mobile AL-Le Moyne AL
A90 Mobile AL-Le Moyne AL
A92 Mobile AL-Le Moyne AL
A93 Mobile AL-McIntosh AL
A94 Mobile AL-Saraland AL
A95 Corinth AL-Collierville TN